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The Holocaust Begins The Nazis propose a new racial order

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1 The Holocaust Begins The Nazis propose a new racial order
Germans (Aryans) will be seen as the master race All non-Aryan people were seen as inferior This would lead to the Holocaust Slaughter of Jews and other seen inferior groups by the Nazis

2 Holocaust Nazis began to target Jews
By 1935, Laws were put into place that forbade marriages between Jews and non-Jews Herschel Grynszpan (while visiting his uncle in Paris) got word that his father was deported to Poland On Nov. 7th, he would shoot a German diplomat to avenge his fathers deportation

3 Holocaust Nazis launch a violent attack on the Jewish community
Nov. 9th Nazi storm troopers go after Jewish homes, business, & synagogues 100 Jews murdered Known as the Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) Created the Nazi policy of Jewish persecution


5 Jews Begin to Flee Europe

6 Fleeing Europe After Kristallnact, many Jews began to flee Europe to escape the violence Countries like France, Britain and the U.S. took many of the immigrants Eventually these countries would shut its doors to these people German foreign minister felt that “We all want to get rid of our Jews. The difficulty is that no country wishes to receive them.”

7 Jewish Ghettos Hitler begins to move Jews under his control into ghettos Segregated Jewish areas that were sealed with barbed wire & stone walls Hope to starve the Jews to death or die from disease Jews continued to survive


9 The Final Solution Hitler takes a more direct plan (Final Solution)
He called for a system of mass genocide Hitler calls for the elimination of any inferior races, nationalities or groups Nazi troops begin killings across Eastern Europe

10 Concentration Camps Jews not killed by the troops were placed into concentration camps or slave labor Slaves work 7 days a week Guards would beat or kill prisoners for their lack of work Very little food for prisoners Many lost 50lbs in a month





15 The Final Stage The Final Solution reached its last stage in 1942, Nazi camps had huge gas chambers that could kill 6,000 Jews in a day Jews who were labeled as weak, were told to undress for a shower and were led into a chamber with fake showerheads Doors would close and cyanide gas would pour out of the showerheads 6 million Jews died in these camps, less than 4 million survived

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