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 Mrs. DeBoard’s Contact Information  Phone: 615-583-9227   Website:  Office Hours:

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1  Mrs. DeBoard’s Contact Information  Phone: 615-583-9227  E-mail:  Website:  Office Hours: Monday, 10:00am – 1:00pm

2 Your Goals for AP Environmental Science  Understand the interrelationships of the natural world  Identify and analyze environmental problems that are natural and human-made.  Evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems  Examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing problems.  Laboratories support student content mastery in both hands-on and virtual experiences.

3 Topics You Will Study This Semester  Module 1: Environmental Problems and Sustainability  Module 2: The Living World  Module 3: The Physical World  Module 4: Population  Module 5: Energy

4 AP Exam  Scored 1-5. Passing is generally considered 3 – 5, but check with your potential colleges to see what they accept.  3 hours long, 2 sections  NO CALCULATORS but there are math questions in both sections  Multiple choice section  100 questions  60% of the total grade  Free response section  Four in depth questions with multiple parts  Two of the questions will involve synthesis and evaluation  One question will be document-based  One question will be a data-set question requiring mathematical analysis  Come to the coaching labs!  Take your practice exam and data chats seriously!

5 Coursework  Read the Lessons and TAKE NOTES (keep a “hard-copy” notebook as well as an Environmental Sciencefolder on your computer)  Know how to navigate the virtual classroom  Lessons  Assessments  Discussions  Grades  Know how to submit a help ticket for technical issues  Go to the Virtual School website:  Click “helpdesk”  Click “Submit a Ticket”  Give the details of your problem

6 Deadlines and Grading  Keep up with the pacing guide!!!! You can find it under “Syllabus”  “Course Outline.” Feel free to work ahead but DO NOT get behind!  Each week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Your assignments are due each week by Saturday at 11:59pm.  You may turn in late assignments; however, your life will be much easier if you will stick to the pacing guide!  When an assignment is late, I will put a “zero” in the gradebook until you complete that assignment. This will drastically affect your average!  If you receive less than an 80% on an assignment, you can re-do it for additional credit!

7 Communication  Check your e-mail!  Get a g-mail account so that we can use “Google Hangout”  Respond to e-mails from me.  Call or text me back if I leave you a message.  I will respond to your calls, texts, and e-mails within 24 hours (48 hours on the weekend). Please treat me with the same respect by responding to me in a timely manner.

8 Announcements  Read my Week at a Glance Announcements - these will be posted by Sunday every week. The announcements will contain helpful information such as:  A quick summary of the assignments due on Saturday.  Clarification of any confusing directions  A link to my Wikispace that will have resources to assist you in completion of your assignments (videos, articles, study guides, DBA questions)  Reminders about upcoming lab supplies you may need to purchase  Extra credit opportunities  Information about when I will be available for DBAs that week  Any upcoming Virtual School events such as progress reports, exams, help sessions, etc.

9 Environmental Science Wikispace  If I took the time to put something on my Wikispace, please look at it!  The things on my website are NOT extra work! They are items to help you with the work you have!

10 Discussion Based Assessment (DBA)  Schedule with me in advance. Use appointlet if Mondays, early morning or late at at night work for you. Otherwise text, e-mail, or call to set up a time.  It is a gated assignment. You will not be able to turn in any other assignments until you have completed a DBA.  Prepare for it! If I post a study guide on my Wikispace, use it!

11 Discussions and Collaboration  Class discussions and partner work are a required part of the course!  Put thought and effort into your discussion postings and responses! Some examples of unacceptable responses:  “I agree with what Josh said”  “I think animals are the most interesting kingdom because I like dogs.”  For the partner project, communicate with each other on the discussion boards to find a partner. The sooner you do this, the better off you will be!  Communicate with and respond to your partner! Do your share of the work!  If you are having problems, be sure you tell me.

12 Eco-Vacation: A Collaborative Project  Design an ideal "eco-vacation." You should include these items:  A list of all the features that make it "green"  At least one aspect of transportation, one aspect of lodging, and one aspect of entertainment/recreation  A description of each "green" feature with at least three sentences  Six to eight "green" features will earn an average grade; more "greenness" will increase your grade  A map of your destination(s)  A list of your references

13 How is a “virtual teacher” different than a “regular teacher”?  You don’t have to share me with other students in the classroom.  If you have a question ASK me, you are not in this alone!  I am available for “study sessions”  Get a g-mail account so that we can use Google Hangout

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