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 READING FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS Ms. Nurnberg/Mrs. Higueros.

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1  READING FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS Ms. Nurnberg/Mrs. Higueros

2 Why Do You Need This Course?  This course is a half-credit course that will count for your Online Graduation Requirement.  Successful completion of this course will earn you that credit!  This course will help prepare you for Standardized reading tests including FCAT, ACT, SAT, and PERT!  Completing the lessons in this course will make you an IMPROVED and SUCCESFUL reader!

3 What This Course WILL NOT Be…  FCAT Remediation!  The lessons in the course look nothing like the FCAT.  It IS all about reading skills, but not designed in the traditional, two-page text about Armadillos with eight questions following.  Yay!!


5 Lab Etiquette!  Respect School Property.  Respect Mrs. Higueros. You already do.  Respect other students working.  Save ALL work on Flash Drive.  LOG OUT after every session.

6 Academic Integrity  Academic integrity means that all work you submit is created by you and is an original representation of your work. It means that what you submit as your work is your work.  A variety of consequences will be administered when you are caught cheating or plagiarizing.  There are a variety of tools that we use in ensuring the integrity of student work. Please remember that all of your work is checked for originality.

7 Academic Integrity (cont.)  If you are unsure that your work is original please contact me or Ms. Higueros before submitting it.  Be sure to log out of your course each day to prevent other students from accessing your work.  Be sure to save your work on your personal flash drive and no not share this flash drive with anyone.  You will be signing an Academic Integrity Contract.

8 Pace Chart  The Pace Chart drives the course.  Follow the Pace Chart exactly as it is written. You may not skip around.  You may work ahead as long as you are going in order and the work is quality effort.  This course ends on December 19 th and the Segment Exam (Final Exam) will be during your exam week.  You will be given a personal copy of the pace chart and it will be in your VSA email. Check your messages daily.


10 Adequate Progress  It is critical that you stay on Pace.  Save the link to your blog in a word document. Save that document on your flash drive!  Save all the answers to your assignments in a word document. Save that document on your flash drive!

11 Adequate Progress (cont.)  All work should be submitted by Friday of each week.  Any required work that has not been submitted by Friday will be issued a ZERO until it has been completed.  Lessons are to be completed in order unless we tell you otherwise.

12 DBA’s (Discussion Based Assessments)  We will talk about what you learned in the module and discuss any questions you may have.  I will be visiting your class weekly. We will do our first DBA live in your classroom.  DBAs are a required and non-negotiable assignment. They are required to earn credit for this course.  You cannot skip a DBA.

13 Mastery of Material  At BVS we believe that students should have the opportunity to master the material they are learning.  Students have the opportunity to resubmit their assignments 2 times (84 or below).  Work may only be resubmitted after it has been graded by your teacher, you have read the teacher’s feedback, and you have reviewed the material.  Once a student has completed all of the work in a Module, they may not go back and resubmit work in that Module.  Students must earn a 60% or higher on the Segment Exam to earn credit for the course.

14 Grade Range 90%-100% A 80%-89% B 70%-79% C 60%-69% D 59% or Below F

15 How To Check Your Grade Book  I will show you the course and how to access everything you need after the next few slides.

16 Monthly Calls  While we may talk or see each other on a weekly basis, a monthly call with each parent is a required component of all Broward Virtual School courses.  Student contact is important so that I can help you with questions you may have, review your work, discuss your grade and complete Discussion Based Assessments (DBAs).  Parent contact is important so that they may be informed of your progress and I can answer any questions or concerns that may arise. Both student/parent contacts can be made by Ms. Nurnberg or Mrs. Higueros.  Your parent may contact me at any time to discuss your course via email or telephone.

17 Tips for Success  Log in as soon as the bell rings.  Check for messages in VSA. Check the Announcement Page!  Check your course email for important updates and information.  Check your grade book for graded assignments and feedback.  Check your pace chart for required work for the week.  Read each lesson and complete the corresponding assignments. Check off the work on your pace chart.  Resubmit any assignments, as needed.  Contact your teacher with any questions or concerns.

18 Let Me Show You The Course & Answer questions!

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