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The People, Country, and Culture of South Africa World Studies.

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1 The People, Country, and Culture of South Africa World Studies

2 Mr. P’s Take  I spent 6 weeks in South Africa during the summer of 2012 with 24 other teachers from around the U.S.!  I met great people, both from South Africa and the U.S.  I noticed many similarities between the U.S. and South Africa, and some major differences as well.  Bottom line: South Africa is culturally and physically beautiful and very diverse….there is no place else like it!

3 South African Flag

4 South Africa

5 South Africa (Political)

6 Basics of South Africa  “The Rainbow Nation”  Population: 51,770,00 (2011) (5 th largest in Africa)  Land Area: 1,221,037 sq. km (9 th largest in Africa)  Divided into 9 provinces  Largest Cities  Johannesburg (Soweto)  Cape Town (Legislative Capital)  Durban  Pretoria (Executive Capital)

7 Cape Town (Table Mountain)

8 A Brief History of South Africa  Pre-1600: SA occupied by various Bantu speaking groups, including Xhosa and Zulu.  1652: The Dutch established the Cape Colony  1806: British take control of the Cape Colony  1931: Union of South Africa is formed; independence from GB  1948-1994: Apartheid Era  1994: End of Apartheid, Mandela elected President

9 Physical Geography of South Africa  Atlantic ocean to the West, Indian ocean to the East  The Drakensberg mountains  Highest mountain range in Southern Africa  The Karoo  A dry, semi-desert covering much of western Africa

10 South Africa (Physical)

11 Drakensberg mts.

12 Cape Aguhlas

13 Climate of South Africa  Located in the Southern hemisphere, therefore:  Summer= Oct-March  Hot, humid, afternoon rain  Winter= April-Sept.  Cooler, dry, sunny  Exception: Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate…cool, rainy, cloudy in the winter.  Good for growing crops such as wine grapes

14 Ethnicity in South Africa  South Africa is a multi-ethnic state, meaning people belong to a variety of ethnic groups.  Black (79%)  Xhosa, Zulu, Swazi. Tswana  White (9%)  Afrikaaners, English, French  Coloured (9%)  Mixed race  Indian/Asian (3%)  Originally slaves/ laborers from India

15 Faces of South Africa

16 Language in South Africa  South Africa has 11 official languages, 2 of which are European (Afrikaans and English).  Xhosa, aka the click language, is widely spoken in certain regions.  English is widely spoken in business and academic settings, but other languages are spoken widely at home.

17 Language Example

18 Religion in South Africa  Christianity is the dominant religion in South Africa (80%)  About 1.5% are Muslim  About 1.2 % Hindu (primarily in Durban)  Many South Africans combine Christianity with traditional African Animist beliefs.

19 South African Churches

20 Education in South Africa  12 grades, including primary, secondary, and tertiary (college) levels.  Literacy rate is 88%.  Government spends 20% of budget on education  Education of black Africans was stifled under Apartheid.  Many consider the South African system of education to be failing, as most students cannot pass their “Matric” exams and do not graduate.

21 Typical Classroom

22 Crazy Guys

23 Crazy Girls

24 Computers that work?!?!?!

25 South African Economy  Largest economy in Africa, considered to be one of the world’s “emerging markets”  GDP per capita: $11,100 (5 th highest in Africa, 3 rd of large countries)  25% unemployment, live on less that $1.25/day  Major industries include: gold, platinum, diamond mining, tourism, auto assembly, wine.

26 Diamond Mining

27 Poorer Area

28 South Africa Today  While SA has made substantial gains since Apartheid, it still faces some serious problems:  HIV/ AIDS (20% among adults)  Poverty  High unemployment (50%)  Violence, high occurrences of rape  Political corruption/ inefficiency

29 President Jacob Zuma

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