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WWI Peace Process.

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1 WWI Peace Process

2 Wilson’s 14 Points 1: No secret treaties or alliances 4: Reduce arms 5: Listen to colonial people 6-13: self-determination- people have their own nations and can make decisions for themselves 14: League of Nations- as a place to discuss and settle conflicts

3 Wilson’s Thoughts Don’t want to punish Germany or others too much or else it will lead to another war…

4 Going into the Meetings


6 Who was NOT there?

7 Treaty of Versailles War Guilt Clause Germany had to accept full responsibility for starting the war Reparations Germany had to pay for war damages Military Germany had to reduce its army & navy, eliminate air force, reduce weapons

8 Treaty of Versailles Territory created 9 new nations, Germany had to give Alsace-Lorraine back to France and give up land to create the country of Poland Demilitarized zone Rhineland= buffer zone between France and Germany- no troops allowed

9 Treaty of Versailles League of Nations created to promote international cooperation and achieve international peace Germany not original member- had to be voted in (doesn’t happen until 1926)

10 German reaction


12 End of great empires German Empire Austrian-Hungarian Ottoman Empire
Split into 2 Ottoman Empire Broken up France took Syria and Lebanon Great Britain took Iraq and Palestine

13 Treaty Weaknesses Humiliated Germany Ignored Russia
Ignored colonized people

14 U.S. Reaction Many people were opposed Never joined League of Nations
Too harsh Sell out to imperialism Dissatisfied ethnic groups Never joined League of Nations

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