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Unit 7 The European Travel Market

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1 Unit 7 The European Travel Market
Understand the factors determining the appeal of leisure destinations in the European travel market

2 Connector Make a list of four European destinations such as Cities, Winter Sports and Seaside resorts. Why would you like to visit, and what appeals to you?

3 Big picture You will understand what factors contribute to the appeal of destinations and appreciate the diversity of tourism products on offer in Europe.

4 Outcomes You will all be able to complete P2
Most will be able to complete M1 Some will be able to complete D1

5 Factors of appeal Consider the factors that make a destination appealing to tourists and what makes tourists want to visit the particular destination. How many factors of appeal can you think of that makes a destination appeal to tourists?

6 Accessibility It is possible to access any destination, but if it takes a long time to get there or many changes are involved the destination will not be appealing to tourists unless other key factors exist. How many methods of transport can you think of to get to Paris from London? Journey time/ transfer time to the resort

7 Cont… Continental Europe is very accessible for British people wanting to enjoy a short holiday, a visit to friends and relatives or a business trip. Air travel is the most popular way for British people to travel to destinations within Europe.

8 Geographical features
An areas topography can play an important part in its appeal to tourists. Europe has a wide variety of geographical features that are appealing to tourists: Oceans Seas

9 Cont… Coastline Mountain ranges Inland waterways and rivers Lakes
A destinations climate has a direct influence on its appeal to visitors. Precipitation and temperature

10 Which country?

11 Attractions Natural built e.g. leisure parks Museums art galleries

12 Cont… historic buildings nightlife entertainment

13 Cultural lifestyle characteristics signature food and drink
main religion and the behavioural considerations for visitors, e.g. dress code

14 Cont… cultural events

15 Economic availability of low-cost travel options, e.g. budget airlines
impact of rate of exchange

16 Cont… cost of staying in destination perceived value for money

17 Which country?

18 France What do we already know about France?
Everyone is to say ONE thing! Now lets watch this video

19 Activity Read the extract underlining where you see information on the appeal of the destinations. Then answer the questions!

20 Extension Answer the following questions!
Word document with extra questions for differentiation

21 M1 Explain how the different factors of
leisure destinations appeal to different types of customers visiting the European travel market.

22 What to do… M1 naturally progresses from P2
Use these guidelines and example to help you complete M1.

23 D1 Give detailed and realistic recommendations how a European
destination could increase its appeal for different types of customers.

24 What to do… You must choose one of the destinations that you have examined in P2 and M1. You should recommend how the destination could appeal to a different type of customer than it does currently, therefore increasing it’s overall appeal.

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