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Economic Expansion and Change

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1 Economic Expansion and Change
Chapter 8 Section 4 Economic Expansion and Change

2 The High Middle Ages is the period known “The High Middle Ages” Result of new farming technologies

3 Agricultural Revolution New Technologies
The Iron Plow (800) New harnesses allow for horses to be used to plow The Windmill

4 Agricultural Revolution Expanding Production
Lords want more production Clear Forest Drain Swamps Reclaim waste land for grazing

5 3 Field System A system of farming which uses 3 different fields during each year Field 1 would have grain planted in it Field 2 would have peas and beans Field 3 would not have anything planted in it Done to let the legumes back into the ground in field 3


7 Why food is important to the population
Increase in food = increase in population From the population in Europe more then doubled

8 Revival of population More people create a larger need for goods
Iron, Wool, Spices, silk and furs Traders formed merchant companies and traveled in armed caravans for protection

9 Trade fairs Normally near navigable rivers
People flocked from all over to trade goods Also served as a form of luxuries

10 New Towns Small centers of trade evolved into small centers to trade
Ranged from 10,000 to 100,000 people Italy and Flanders had the most prosperous textile industries Charters: written document that set out the rights and privileges of the town. Merchants paid the lord or king a lot of $ for a charter

11 Commercial Revolution
More people = More $ Merchants need : money for investments Started a need for banking houses Groups of merchants started pooling their money for large scale Banks started so people could protect their investments

12 Social Changes Use of money undermined serfdom
Pay in money not in farm animals The middle class arises

13 The Role of Guilds A guild is an association
Merchant guilds ruled life in Europe around the 1300’s Passed laws, levied taxes, and decided where funds went In time artisans came to resent merchant guilds

14 Guild’s Each guild looked out for its own trades
Such as merchants or skilled crafts workers Guilds made rules to ensure the quality of their goods What does the guild remind you of today

15 Becoming a member of a guild
Had to work years as an apprentice: trainee Almost never became a guild master or had your won shop

16 Woman and Guilds Often engaged in the same guilds as her father or husband Woman dominated some trades

17 City life Protected by city walls Narrow streets and tall houses
No garbage collections or sewer systems

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