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WORTSCHATZ zum Roman von Erich Kästner

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1 WORTSCHATZ zum Roman von Erich Kästner

2 Emil und seine Mutter leben in Neustadt.

3 Emils Mutter ist Frisöse und arbeitet zu Hause.

4 Emil fährt mit dem Zug nach Berlin.

5 Die Freunde suchen den Dieb.

6 Prenzlauer Berg Friedrichshain Kreuzberg

7 PRESENTATION: Berlin 1930s to today

8 And here is what you need to do:
Create an electronic document either PowerPoint or on Wikiversity and post your project online Discuss the different eras in an oral presentation Create a presentation of pictures and facts of the different time periods Write a reflection paper and post it on your Wikipage or PowerPoint. Create a bibliography of your sources And make sure you answer the following questions in your project….

9 1. Where in Germany is Berlin
1. Where in Germany is Berlin? What were the demographics in 1930, in 1950, in 1965, in 1990 and today? Create a table to compare and find maps of Berlin of the different times. 2. How would you interpret in your own words the differences in demographics during those times? Write your thoughts on what you found out about the people, the effects of WW2 and division of Germany 3. How would you apply what you learned to show the developments that Berlin has undergone since the 1930s?

10 4. Can you identify any differences in what you have previously learned about Germany (especially Berlin) from what you learned during this project? Present two to four facts from each era you researched. 5. What changes would you make to create more balanced lessons about German history in the United States? 6. If time travel were possible, would you like to live in Berlin in the 1930s, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1990s or today? Explain why?

11 Webseiten und Referenzen
Berlin Heute Great site with slide shows and picture galleries of today’s Berlin. This site has many pictures or restored and rebuilt monuments and will serve as reference and comparison to the historical pictures the students will collect. East Germany in 1953 in English, good summary about what the allied forces planned about the separation of Berlin. The Berlin Wall, 1961 good information about the tension between the US and the communist block. Kennedy’s visit to Berlin In The Shadow Of The Wall: The Meaning of Berlin Today from The National Archives Learning Curve Focus on Film Geschichte in Fotos von der Berliner Mauer Great eye-opening site with pictures and comments telling the developments from 1960 to 1989. Fotos von den Ruinen in 1945 best site for before and after pictures and comments The following three sites are about a famous German author of children’s books. The book “Emil and the Detectives” takes place in the Berlin of the late 1920s. The pictures on the sites are great. Erich Kästner (author who wrote in the 1930s) für Kinder

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