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Please do not talk at this time May 12

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1 Please do not talk at this time May 12
On a half sheet to be turned in answer this question: Why does some history get remembered while others does not?

2 Japan Determined to avoid ever losing to Western powers again, Japan modernized its entire country, industry to military in 50 years. Many Japanese died in this process as the economy was rebuilt from one of hand made goods and crafts to a fully industrialized factory system. Once Japan’s army was the equal of any in Europe or the US, they assisted the Allies in WWI and invaded Russia and China, sometimes inventing reasons to attack. Manchuria, for example, was taken by the Japanese army without the knowledge or approval of the Japanese government. Eventually the Japanese military dominated the government altogether. Piece by piece, Japan seized islands and other territory in Asia and created their own Japanese Imperialism. They were known as cruel and brutal masters, often raping and torturing those who came into their power. This was especially true of the Rape of Nanking, a city in China where citizens were tortured and murdered. To this day, although extensive evidence exists, Japan refuses to acknowledge the Rape of Nanking ever happened.

3 Japan’s Expanding Empire

4 The Rape Of Nanking Between December 1937 and March 1938 at least 369,366 Chinese civilians and prisoners of war were slaughtered by the invading troops. An estimated 80,000 women and girls were raped; many of them were then mutilated or murdered. To this day the Japanese government has refused to apologize for these and other World War II atrocities, and a significant sector of Japanese society denies that they took place at all.


6 The Rape of Nanking- These image were recorded by the Japanese soldiers themselves and the Nazi officials attached to the Japanese army. At one point the Nazi General in charge of the Europeans begged the Japanese to stop, because he felt they had gone to far. All images from:
















22 How could THIS have been forgotten?

23 Please do not talk at this time May 13/14
Rape of Nanking Video Please fill out the video handout as you watch. What evidence can you find that Japan is a Fascist nation?

24 You are AWESOME! And I adore you!

25 World Studies Final World History Museum
Connect three units from this year with one overarching theme Written: 4 paragraphs- 1 intro, 3 body (one per unit) Product: 1 museum model- must fit on a desk, see examples) Presentation- Explain your thesis to celebrity judges on the day of the final Work alone or in a group of 2 or 3.

26 Final Dates to remember:
May 22- After monument presentations May 26- after Poverty Presentations May 29 June 1/2- block period, with laptops Vocabulary Post Test- same day as final, before Museum Presentations.

27 Please do not talk at this time May 15
HW: Complete your Fascist Japan paragraph, Totalitarianism Quiz- Monday Japan and the Rape of Nanking- Japan denies that the Rape of Nanking occurred. In fact, even though there is ample photographic and textual evidence FROM Japanese sources, even though some of the generals involved were tried and sentenced at the end of WWII, they still claim the entire story to be a plot to discredit the nation of Japan. The Rape of Nanking is not taught in Japanese schools and no books on this subject can be found in any Japanese library. It has been effectively erased from history. Why would the Japanese do that? And why has the international community allowed them to when Germany had to face the truth?

28 To what extent was Japan a Fascist nation?
Now that we have learned some more details about the Japanese Government in the 1930’s Evaluate to what extent Japan was a Fascist nation. Were they VERY Fascist, or only a little Fascist? Place your marker on the scale below… Not very Fascist Very Fascist What evidence do you have to support your decision about how fascist Japan was in the 1930’s? Write a one paragraph explanation with evidence from the other side.

29 Around the World 1930 Today we will be practicing writing great prompts. This will become important for the final. To make a great prompt, choose a directive word from Column One and a vocab word from Column Two and use them to write a Prompt about history. Directive words get more challenging as you go down the list.

30 Writing Great Prompts In groups of 3:
Find a placard on what was happening in a region of the world we have not yet studied during the 1920’s and 1930’s Read the placard together (check to see if there are two sides) Then on your own piece of binder paper to turn in (you may have the same answers as your partners, write a prompt following the model that could be answered with info on the Placard. There are 6 placards in all.

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