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Emil Nolde Kimberly Dominguez.

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1 Emil Nolde Kimberly Dominguez

2 Wer ist Emil Nolde? Emil Nolde war einer Maler des Expressionismus.
He was born in a village near Nolde Deutschland. He died in Seebüll, Neukirchen, Germany His actual name is Emil Hansen, but since he started painting in 1902 he named himself after his birthplace. August 7,1867 – April 13, 1956 Emil ist einer Aquarellisten in der Kunst.

3 Sein Leben He supported the Nazi party in the early 1920’s and he considered Expressionism as a Germanic style. Because Hilter rejected modernism, Nolde was prohibited to paint even in private after 1941. However , he did paint during this time period and called his collection the Unpainted Pictures.

4 What is he known for? He is known for his brushwork and color choices – vivid colors like yellow and red. (benutzt) His signature Red Flowers

5 How did he influence art?
Er ist “member of” die Brücke “had impact on the modern art and expressionism in the 20th century”

6 Nolde’s Major Works Masks (1911) Wildly Dancing Children Islander
White Tree Trunks, (1908) Masks (1911) Wildly Dancing Children Islander

7 Prizes After World War II, Nolde was honored, receiving the German Order of Merit, the country's highest civilian decoration

8 Bibliography

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