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Seven Hills Elementary Futures Under Construction 2011-2012.

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1 Seven Hills Elementary Futures Under Construction 2011-2012

2 Mission Statement In preparation for college, every student will leave their grade at or above grade level, no matter where they start. Teachers, students, families, and community will work in partnership to create a school all children want to attend.

3 Title 1 Seven Hills is a Title 1 campus: More than 40% of our students are considered low income. We receive federal funds to assist all students. Title 1 funds are flexible and are used for additional personnel, professional development, improve curriculum, enhance parental involvement, extend learning time for students, and provide other activities that are tied to student achievement.

4 TAKS Scores 2011 TAKS Scores Reading – 94% Math – 97% Writing – 90% Science – 90% The State of Texas will no longer administer the TAKS test. We will now have the STAAR test.

5 STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness Given in grades 3-5 Test is now timed More difficult than previous test because it will require higher level thinking and multiple step problems. Builds on previously learned knowledge.

6 Attendance Goal 98% - Last year was 95.5% Students can not learn if they are not in school. Making up work at home does not make up for the teacher’s instruction. School districts get money when students are in school. If NISD could improve attendance by 1% it would save the district 1 million dollars.

7 Tardies School hours – 7:45-2:45 Breakfast is served from 7:20-7:40 Instruction begins promptly at 7:45 3 Tardies = 1 Absence

8 NISD is going paperless Progress Reports and Report Cards Monthly Class Newsletters Principal’s Monthly Newsletter Check out our Web sites for information! If we have your email address then we can email school and class information.

9 Internet Grade Viewing Students daily and 6-week grades can be viewed online at any time. Attendance is also available online. Can set up notifications Please pick up directions. Letter with login information was sent home last week. We can reprint it for you if needed.

10 Communication STAR Binder Teacher and School Web sites Emails from teachers and principal School messenger phone system Internet Grade Viewing Parent Conferences – these will be held by October 10 th.

11 Parent Volunteers We always need help with making copies, laminating, organizing books, etc. Must complete a background check to be able to volunteer or be a chaperone. If you would like to volunteer, contact Patrice Brake.

12 Classroom Management STAR Binders STAR Parties STAR Awards Behavior stick, behavior calendar, various positive reinforcements within each class

13 Pushing Students to Excel All instruction is at student’s academic level. Workshop Model of Instruction –Reading –Writing –Math –Science

14 Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop Personal Goals sheets Small group instruction based on needs Students practice concepts using books at their reading level. Students perfect writing based on their specific needs, levels, and goals. Students share out their thinking at the end of each work period.

15 Math Workshop Concepts are introduced Students explore a variety of ways to solve problems through games and practice within small groups, partners, or as individuals. Students share out their thinking showing a variety of complexity.

16 Science Workshop Workshop model that mimics Language Arts and Math Inquiry based

17 Million Word Challenge 3 rd Year for the Challenge Students must read 100 books To earn credit for a book, the book must at the student’s reading level! Read at home Use Reading Logs

18 Book of the Month Each month a new book is introduced to the entire school. The book centers around the month’s character trait. Mrs. Morales does character building lessons for that character trait. Classroom teachers do content lessons centered around the book (Language Arts, Math and Science)

19 Meet the Specials Teachers

20 Extra-Curricular Activities Battle of the Books- –Fall- 3 rd -5 th grades –Spring- 1 st -2 nd grades U.I.L- 2 nd -5 th grades Scrabble/Chess Club- 4 th and 5 th grade Photography/Yearbook Club- 4 th -5 th grade Choir- 4 th and 5 th grade Dance Team- K-5

21 Benefits of Homework HW may be assigned throughout the week. Homework should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Students should read at least 20 minutes every night. Math-Practice and repetition is very important.

22 How you can help your child! Making sure my child is rested and prepared for school each day. Make sure your child is at school and on time for school. Knowing how your child is doing by communicating with the teacher by STAR binder, email, in person or by phone. Monitor your child’s homework and make sure study time is in a quiet place. Limit TV viewing and read together daily. Be an active participant in your child’s education.

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