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Navigating and Preparing a HRSA Application Responding to a Funding Opportunity Announcement Sarah Hammond, Grants Policy Analyst HRSA’s Office of Federal.

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1 Navigating and Preparing a HRSA Application Responding to a Funding Opportunity Announcement Sarah Hammond, Grants Policy Analyst HRSA’s Office of Federal Assistance Management (OFAM)

2 Division within HRSA’s Office of Federal Assistance Management (OFAM). Work with Program Offices to create and publish Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) Work with Program Offices to ensure FOAs are consistent with legislation and government-wide requirements Publish FOAs to Analyze, develop, and implement HRSA’s grants policy and provide assistance and technical consultation to Program Offices and other OFAM divisions Division of Grants Policy

3 Lifecycle of an Application Registration Find Opportunities/Download Application Package Navigating an FOA Forms Application Process Issues with Submission Follow-up Provide Resources Agenda

4 registration is a requirement to be able to submit applications Allow plenty of time for registration (one month) DUN & Bradstreet (D&B), SAM, Provide organizational information in each system to complete registration Registration with

5 Get a DUNS Number (same day) Complete web form DUNS emailed Dun and Bradstreet

6 Register with SAM (2-3 days) Updated annually, (up to 5 days) 2 CFR Part 25: applicants must have active SAM registration in order to submit applications through or receive an award from HRSA System for Award Management (SAM)

7 Designate an E-Biz Point of Contact Has MPIN and gives authority to Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) to submit applications Requires internal organizational approval from high-level management The SAM/ Connection

8 Register with (same day) AORs must complete their profile on (wait 1 day after SAM registration) Need DUNS Create username and password- serve as electronic signature when submitting E-Biz POC approves AORs who submit applications on behalf of the organization

9 AOR Authorization (Immediate) E-Biz POC gets email when an AOR registers Must login and approve the AOR to submit AOR gets confirmation email and can submit AOR can also check status Registration must be updated annually, continued

10 ( HRSA Website ( Register to get email notifications when opportunities are available: subscriptions.html subscriptions.html Find Opportunities

11 Find Opportunities

12 Search Grants

13 Download FOA and Package

14 Explains available funding and application information All Federal announcements must follow the same format (set by OMB) Contains information applicants need to apply for funding Funding Opportunity Announcement

15 Overview Content Federal Agency Name Funding Opportunity Title Announcement Type Funding Opportunity Number (HRSA-XX-XXX) Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number (CFDA) Key Dates Funding Opportunity Announcements

16 I. Funding Opportunity Description II. Award Information III. Eligibility Information IV. Application and Submission Information V. Application Review Information VI. Award Administration Information VII. Agency Contacts VIII. Other Information FOA: Sections

17 Funding description Funding priorities Program history Indicators of successful projects Citations for authorizing statutes Regulations for funding opportunity I. Funding Opportunity Description

18 Type of award (grant or cooperative agreement) Total amount of funding Number of awards Average award amount Anticipated start date Number of budget periods II. Award Information

19 Eligible Applicants Cost Sharing or Matching Requirements Other Eligibility Criteria III. Eligibility Information

20 Content and Form of Application Submission Submission Times and Dates Intergovernmental Review Funding Restrictions Other Submission Requirements IV. Application and Submission Information

21 Review criteria: how application will be evaluated Review and selection process Anticipated announcement and award dates V. Application Review Information

22 Award Notices Administrative and National Policy Requirements HHS Grants Policy Statement: Reporting Requirements VI. Award Administration Information

23 Grants Management Contact Program Contact HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) Help Desk VII. Agency Contacts

24 Other relevant information Definitions, Web links for relevant programmatic information, etc. VIII. Other Information

25 A concise resource offering tips for writing proposals for HHS grants and cooperative agreements is available online: pptips.html pptips.html IX. Tips for Writing a Strong Application

26 HRSA Application Guides SF- 424 and SF-424 Research and Related (R&R) Designed to be the comprehensive source of general information related to the application process

27 Contains all standard forms Save package to computer and complete it off line. Provide email address when downloading package. Application Package

28 Forms Package

29 Not all opportunities use the same forms All required forms are in the downloaded package Assurances: SF 424B (Non-Construction) SF 424 D (Construction) Forms and Assurances

30 Save completed application Click on “Check for Errors” Click on “Save and Submit” Enter Username and Password Submit

31 Submission Screen

32 Confirmation

33 Submission

34 Confirmation email with tracking number Validation or Rejection email verifying successful submission OR rejection due to errors Transmission to HRSA Email sent when HRSA retrieves application After Submission Emails

35 Not Registered with Missing or Incorrect DUNS on application Expired SAM registration Application is rejected for errors and applicant did not leave enough time to correct before the deadline Rejection email is in spam folder AOR is not approved by E-Biz Point of Contact AOR is not available to submit the application Applying to the wrong announcement number Top Reasons for Failure

36 Deadline waiver must be requested from Announcement Number (HRSA-XX-XXX) DUNS number Project Director Contact Information tracking number (GRANTXXXXXXX) Copy of “Rejected with Errors” notice Applications must meet FOA deadline Missed Deadlines

37 Registration and Missing/Incorrect DUNS are the top two reasons applications are rejected- check carefully! Remember to update information when staff changes Deadlines are real! Register and submit early! Update registration often! Maintain current email address in SAM and Tips for

38 Check SPAM folder if email from is delayed. Resources: html html Be proactive and track your application (GRANTXXXXXXX) More Tips for

39 1-800-518-4726, 24/7 (except Federal Holidays) Email: Self-help Portal: https://grants- Applicant Resources: html html Contact Information

40 After your application has been successfully submitted, it will be reviewed by the Program Office staff to ensure it meets eligibility and page limit requirements. If the application meets all requirements, it will go to the Division of Independent Review to be reviewed by a panel of experts. Successfully Submitted!

41 Technical Assistance HRSA has developed the: HRSA Grants Technical Assistance (TA) Webpage, viewed at: This is a one-stop-shop for potential applicants on how to apply for HRSA Federal assistance. Applicants will find valuable information on how to apply for HRSA grants, including webcasts, videos, and other technical assistance guidance and a wealth of other relevant & useful information and links tailored to HRSA-specific process and requirements. Please utilize this resource to better understand the HRSA grant application process.

42 Contact Information Sarah Hammond Grants Policy Analyst

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