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THE BASICS 2011 Office of Sponsored Programs. Craig Johnson OSP Administrator or 543-4043 Instructor.

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1 THE BASICS 2011 Office of Sponsored Programs

2 Craig Johnson OSP Administrator or 543-4043 Instructor

3 Objectives By the end of this class you will:  Know what is and when to use it  Understand the 2 options for submitted applications from the UW  Know how to find funding opportunities supported by  Understand the UW process for submitting applications  Gain hands-on experience using

4 Agenda  Overview  Two ways to complete applications  Preparation time  What info do I need?  Where do I get it?  Finding & completing the Adobe formset  Final Check and downloading  Q&A

5 What is  An electronic portal that allows users to find, apply for, and manage over 1,000 grant opportunities from 26 different Federal agencies

6 When do I use  Depends on the agency and program requirements. Some sponsors (e.g., NIH, NOAA) currently use; some (e.g., NSF) are still in transition.

7 Two Ways to Complete Applications #1 Adobe  Search and download forms direct from  Complete forms  Attach to eGC1 and route  OSP will upload and submit your application  Errors and warning messages provided by OSP

8 Two Ways to Complete Applications #2 SAGE Grant Runner  Complete the forms directly in SAGE (combined with eGC1)  Route for campus approvals  OSP submits application with a click of a button  Errors and warning messages appear in eGC1 History & Comments

9 Getting Started  NIH’s system is called ERA Commons.  In order to apply to NIH, every PI (or grad student) must have an active account in Commons.  Contact your Department Administrator to request an NIH Commons login account.

10 Getting Started  Your computer is loaded with the most currently supported version of Adobe (9.1.2.)  Search, download and become familiar with the Program Announcement and instructions  Schedule so that submission is in compliance with GIM19

11 Summary of Recent Changes (2009)  Research Plan PHS398 “Attachments” (Background & Significance, Preliminary Studies/Progress Report, Research Design and Methods) now “Research Strategy”  Research Plan reformatted and reduced to 12 pages  Other Project Info form have modified requirement  Biosketch now begins with a personal statement  Applies to both Adobe PDF and Grant Runner

12 UW Routing and Submission Process Routing on Campus In OSP Review by OSP Admin


14 Navigating the Submission Freeway OSP transmits application & receives confirmation performs basic check GRANT000012345 Agency System (NIH) eRA Commons AN12345

15 National Submission Funnel UCLAUSCUW Everyone’s Goal: 100% success in submitting error free

16 UW Deadlines (Submit Proposal) GIM 19 7+ days:  All final business elements and draft scope of work  Approved by campus reviewers and IN OSP  OSP needs to be able to do a meaningful review 3+ days:  Final proposal in complete & final format  Status = IN OSP by 5pm -3 days:  Any application received by OSP after 5pm 3 business days before the sponsor deadline will not be reviewed and will be sent back to the PI/Dept  Waiver Process

17 Sponsor Deadlines (Submit Proposal)  Any hard deadline that is missed will usually result in the application being returned without review  Hint  Create a calendar using the sponsor deadline  Count back 3 and 7 business days  Make a reasonable timeline for each section/part  Concurrent timelines for admin vs science sections UW Holiday -2 -10 -3-4 -8-7-6 -9

18 7 Day Rule 7 Day Rule 3+ Day Rule all business components complete/final + draft version of the science (Research Strategy) all proposal components complete/final + final version of the science (Research Strategy) What is due when? QUIZ

19 When am I really ready to submit? All required eGC1 fields completed All COMPLETED sponsor forms attached IRB or IACUC studies / protocol approval dates IRB / IACUC modifications applied for Attached paperwork for subcontracts or consultants Research Plan & budget is attached in FINAL form Attachments are in correct format (NIH=PDF only) F&A rate is in accordance with GIM 13A Any required waivers approved (e.g. IDC, e-GC1 addendum, 48hr) Then RTS = YES!!

20 Demonstration of System  Finding Grant Opportunities  Download Instructions  Download application package  Complete application package  Viewing and Printing application package  Email acknowledgements and notifications


22 Finding a Grant Opportunity




26 To download application For a full copy of the instructions

27 UW- OSP GRANTS.GOV TRAINING – finding a grant opportunity


29 Enter your email address here if you would like updates on this PA Save both to your desktop

30 7 Steps to Submit NIH proposal via 1. Download application package via 2. Complete the application package 3. Complete a eGC1 in SAGE. 4. Upload application package to GC-1 and route to OSP 5. OSP will review & submit final application 6. Validation process (multiple emails btw OSP, & department) 7. Validation of NIH proposals via ERA Commons

31 3 Steps to Submit NIH Proposal via Grant Runner 1. Create, complete and submit to OSP a new eGC1 in SAGE containing the application package. 2. Real time validation info contained within SAGE History and Comments. 3. Validation of NIH proposals via eRA Commons.

32 Where do I look for more info?  NSF website:  NIH Instructions for 424 Forms dex.htm dex.htm  NIH ERA’s Commons website:  Avoid Common Errors: errors.htm errors.htm

33 Where can I go for help?  For technical questions: or 1-800-518-4726  For NIH’s overall plan for electronic receipt, contact NIH Grants info at  For UW procedure and process: Contact OSP Help Desk at 685-4362 or  For Grant Runner questions: Contact the SAGE Help Desk at 685-8335 or

34 Helpful Tips  Always review the Program Announcement for requirements (i.e. page limits, documentation, etc.).  Answer “Yes” on the eGC1 Ready-to-Submit (RTS) question only when the proposal is ready for submission  The budget and the SF424 form must have the same start date  Make sure to use the correct DUNS#  Level of effort must be listed on detailed budget  Do not use headers and footers on documents

35 More Helpful Tips NIH Only:  Co-project Director (PD) or Co-Principal Investigator (PI) is not recognized.  Make sure PI information in eRA Commons matches the name used on the application.  Convert document attachments to PDF format.

36 Questions & Answers

37 Test your knowledge survey/almarks/91416

38 In Closing  Class Evaluation:  almarks/93633 THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!

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