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Twenty Questions Subject: Respiratory/Excretory System.

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2 Twenty Questions Subject: Respiratory/Excretory System

3 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920

4 1. Openings through which air enters the nose nostrils

5 2. The flap that closes the trachea when swallowing epiglottis

6 Tiny hairs that line the nasal cavity cilia

7 4. The throat or ________ is shared by both the digestive and respiratory system pharynx

8 5. Slippery substance that lines the nose & trachea mucus

9 6. Tubes that lead to the lungs bronchi

10 7. Dome shaped muscle that aides in breathing diaphragm

11 8. Your vocal cords stretch across your __________ or voice box. larynx

12 9. Another name for your windpipe trachea

13 10. The tiny air sacs in the lungs where gases are exchanged alveoli

14 11. These are the tiny blood vessels that the alveoli are wrapped in capillaries

15 12. The main function of the respiratory system is to bring _______ to the cells and eliminate water and ____________. Oxygen, carbon dioxide

16 13. Addictive substance in cigarettes nicotine

17 14. It is better to breathe through your __________ nose

18 15. Once the blood has been oxygenated in the lungs it will return to this part of the heart. Left atrium

19 16. The walls of the trachea are made up of rings of cartilage

20 17. Blood carrying oxygen is said to be. oxygenated

21 18. If food enters the trachea, a person can choke

22 19. Folds of connective tissue that produce our voice. Vocal cords

23 20. Smoking can cause tar and tumors on this organ lungs

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