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Respiratory System Foldable

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1 Respiratory System Foldable
Parts and Funtion

2 Nasal Cavity Cilia (microscopic hairs) and mucus traps dirt, pollen and other material you don’t want in your lungs.

3 Pharynx Throat; tube that connects to the trachea. Cilia continue to filter debris out of air.

4 Epiglottis Blocks the trachea when you are swallowing food.

5 Larynx Your voice box; vocal chords attach here.

6 Trachea Windpipe; tube air travels through on its way to the lungs.

7 Lungs Two cone- shaped organs that hold air. Consists of bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.

8 Bronchi Two tubes that branch off of the trachea. Takes air further into lungs.

9 Bronchioles Thousands of smaller tubes that branch off of bronchi that carry air even further into the lungs.

10 Alveoli Clusters of tiny air sacs at the end of the smallest bronchioles. Surrounded by capillaries where oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse from blood cells.

11 Diaphragm Muscle below the lungs that contracts and relaxes in order to increase or decrease lung capacity (allowing you to breathe).

12 Parts and Pieces Answers
1) Nose or nasal cavity 2) Mouth 3) Larynx 4)Lungs 5) Bronchi 6) Diaphragm 7) Pharynx 8) Trachea 9) Bronchi 10) Bronchioles 11) Alveoli

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