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The Body Systems.

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1 The Body Systems

2 Organization of Life Levels of organization Division of labor
Cells, tissues, _______, ______, _______ Division of labor Each body system has a specific job

3 Lymphatic System Organs
Function- a transport system for lymph and white blood cells

4 Lymphatic System Cooperation- Transports white blood cells for the immune system. Transports fluids for the cardiovascular system. Diseases Tonsillectomies Swollen nodes

5 Immune System Parts- Bone Marrow Spleen Thymus
Special cells- WBCs, T-Cells, macrophages, antibodies

6 Immune System Function- protects the body against foreign invaders,
Cooperation- Uses the ________ system for transportation. The skin is apart of the integumentary system. Invaders- bacteria, viruses

7 Endocrine System Organs
Function- makes hormones which regulates your body Regulates- growth, sugar, reproduction, sleep, mood

8 Endocrine System Cooperation- Diseases
uses cardiovascular system for transport Gets help from kidney, and liver Diseases Diabetes Hormone disorders

9 Nervous System Parts Function
Brain, spinal cord, neurons (nerve cells) Function Transmit messages between the brain and rest of the body using chemicals and electricity

10 Nervous System Cooperation Diseases
Control movements of the muscular and skeletal body systems Diseases Epilepsy Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s Multiple sclerosis

11 Nervous System

12 Nervous System

13 Common Themes Organization of Life Division of Labor Homeostasis
Checks and Balances

14 Cardiovascular System
Cardio- heart Vascular – blood vessels Also called circulatory system Parts (anatomy) Cardiac cell, cardiac tissue, heart, vein, artery, blood Function Pumps blood through the body Transport system

15 Cardiovascular System
Cooperation Receives oxygen from the respiratory system Transports hormones for the endocrine system Transports nutrients from the digestive system Diseases Heart attacks High blood pressure strokes

16 Respiratory System Respire- breathe Parts ( anatomy) Function
Lung cell, lung tissue, lungs, sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchial tube, bronchiole, alveoli Function Take in oxygen (O2) and release carbon dioxide (CO2)

17 Respiratory system Cooperation Diseases Cardiovascular system
Pneumonia Emphysema Lung cancer

18 Digestive System Anatomy (Parts) Function Stomach cell Stomach tissue
stomach, mouth, esophagus, small intestines, large intestines, gull bladder, liver Function Breaks down food so your body can absorb nutrients

19 Digestive System Cooperation Diseases Cardiovascular system Obesity
High blood pressure

20 Urinary System Anatomy Function Cell- kidney cell
Tissue- kidney tissue Organs- Kidneys, Bladder Function Filters and eliminates liquid wastes

21 Urinary System Cooperation Diseases
Receives waste from the Digestive System Returns water and nutrients with the Cardiovascular System Diseases Urinary tract infection

22 Muscular System Anatomy Cell- muscle cell Tissue- muscle tissue
Organs-muscles Function Moves your body

23 Muscular System Cooperation Diseases
Works with the skeletal system and nervous system to move your body. Diseases Muscular dystrophy Parkinson's

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