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Unit 3 Health and food Reading B A balanced diet.

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1 Unit 3 Health and food Reading B A balanced diet

2 1 Do you like eating fish? Why? make sb cleverer= increase one’s brain power 2 Which do you eat more often, white rice or brown rice? 3 If you feel cold, would you prefer hot tea or cold cola? warm… up 4 Which is the most important meal? 5 Do you eat something before you go to bed? What do you eat? Why? snack A mini survey


4 While-reading The 1st reading: Read fast to get the main idea. 1 What’s the main idea of the article? ___ A. It’s about the problems caused by unhealthy diets. B. It’s about how to eat healthily. C. It’s about the ways to stay healthy. 2 How many groups of food are there? What are they? grains, vegetables, fruit, milk products, meat B

5 While-reading: The 2nd reading Read the article and answer the questions. 1. What health problems do people have? Why? 2. What do most doctors agree on? 3. What does a balanced diet mean? 4. What is considered dangerous by doctors? Weight problems, hear trouble and many forms of cancer. They are caused by unhealthy diets. We need a balanced diet to stay healthy. A lack of certain kinds of food or having too much of anything

6 While-reading: The 2nd reading Read the article and answer the questions. 5. What may increase the risk of a heart attack? 6. What can help us make the right decisions about our diets? Eating lots of food such as cheeseburgers and butter Scientific information about our body’s needs for fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins

7 Language: Match the phrases with their meanings 1 because of 2 while 3 agree on 4 on the other hand 5 increase the risk of 6 decide on 7 be bad for A. on the opposite side B. be harmful for…; be not good for… C. take a decision about… D. But, however E. the reason of something is… F. make something more dangerous or more likely happen G. have the same opinion about sth.

8 Complete the sentences with what you’ve learned in the lesson. 1 Eating too much of anything _________ health. 2 Smoking _______________ getting lung cancer. 3 Though they have looked at the menu for at least 10 minutes, they haven’t _________ what to eat. 4 Eating no fish is bad for your health. _____________, it’s not good for you to eat only fish, either. 5 He got sick ___________ eating too much. (=He got sick ____________ he ate too much.) 6 The couple never ___________ what to eat. They have such different opinions! is bad for increases the risk of decided on On the other hand because of because agree on

9 After-reading: Oral practice Speak up: Health advice Work in pairs to make conversations. S1 describes the seven problems below. S2 uses the table to give advice. 1. I’m not growing fast enough. 2. My teeth are getting loose. 3. My skin is dry. 4. My eyes are a bit weak. 5. I’m losing hair. 6. I’ve got soft bones. 7. I look pale.

10 Vitamin/ Mineral Good forSources Apreventing spots, improving sight green vegetables, carrots B1fast growthgrains, beans, pork, fish B2hairmeat, beans Cteeth, skinfruit, vegetables Dbonesfish, eggs Calciumbonesmilk, fish, meat, grains ironbloodmeat, beans, nuts

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