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Unit2 Is your food and drink healthy?

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1 Unit2 Is your food and drink healthy?
Module 4 Healthy food Unit2 Is your food and drink healthy? 呼和浩特34中学 连晓娜

2 my child my son his friends some children

3 Shopping list Fruit apples oranges pears bananas Fruit is healthy.

4 Shopping list Vegetables Vegetables are healthy. tomatoes potatoes
beans carrots Vegetables are healthy.

5 Shopping list Drinks milk water juice cola
Milk, water and juice are healthy, but cola is unhealthy.

6 Shopping list Meat beef pork mutton/lamb chicken
Meat is healthy, but too much meat is not good for our health.

7 Shopping list Candies chocolate candy sugar Candies are not healthy.

8 Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
A: What’s your favourite food / drink? B: My favourite food / drink is... A: Is it/ Are they delicious? B: Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. A: Is it / Are they healthy?

9 Read the passage and complete the table.
Healthy food and drink Unhealthy food and drink meat, carrots, eggs, potatoes, milk, cheese, fish, chicken, noodles, rice, juice, water, tea, fruit, vegetables ice cream, hamburgers, cola, candy

10 Read the passage again and fill in the blanks.
( One blank for one word. ) A lot of ice cream, hamburgers and cola is ____________. Meat is healthy ______ _______ _______ meat is _______ for children. Eat the right food and ______ healthy. Milk, cheese and fish ______ ______ ______your teeth. If you are _____ ______ tired, you may have lots of chicken soup. ____ is important _____ remember: eat _______, stay healthy, and don’t get _______. unhealthy but too much bad be are good for a bit It to well fat

11 Writing lunch dinner breakfast My favourite food for breakfast
is hamburger. But hamburger is not healthy. I also drink milk for breakfast. Milk is healthy. I have rice, meat and vegetable for lunch. They are healthy and they are good for our health. I drink cola but it is unhealthy. I have noodles and eggs for my dinner. They are healthy. Work in groups. 1. Make a list of your favorite food and drink for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2. And then write a short passage about your diet. Join the sentences with “but”. breakfast lunch dinner

12 Homework: 1.Finish your writing. 2.Finish off the exercises of Unit 2.

13 Thank you ! An apple a day, keep the doctor away.
Eat well, stay healthy, and don’t get fat.

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