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Work Experience Quality Standard Caron Matchet Partnerships & Quality Manager Fair Train The Association of National Specialist Colleges Employment Forum.

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1 Work Experience Quality Standard Caron Matchet Partnerships & Quality Manager Fair Train The Association of National Specialist Colleges Employment Forum 24 th June 2015

2 What is Fair Train? A national charity which champions the benefits of Work Experience Owner of the Work Experience Quality Standard accreditation The Group Training Association for the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Supporter of employers, learning providers and young people across the UK.

3 Vision and Mission Our vision is for every VCS organisation to have a highly trained workforce fit for the future Our mission is to ensure VCS employers are able to access high quality workforce development that enhances their sustainability and strengthens civil society

4 Work Experience Quality Standard Fair Train accredits organisations with the Work Experience Quality Standard for their work experience schemes This includes Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Internships and volunteering Whatever form it takes, we aim to ensure that it is high quality.

5 The Work Experience Quality Standard Funded by UKCES and developed with help from a wide range of organisations, including: AeLP AoC Department for Education Employers Learning providers Ofsted

6 The Frameworks Designed to be: Realistic Helpful Meet the ever changing needs of your organisation.

7 The Frameworks Frameworks are tailored for employers and learning providers. The Work Experience Quality Standard highlights your commitment, dedication and honesty regarding your work experience opportunities.

8 What the frameworks cover Organisation Planning the Placement Starting the Placement The Placement Conducting Reviews End of Placement

9 Accreditation Accreditation is available at three levels enabling organisations at all levels to sign up now and aspire to higher levels

10 Bronze Standard Thinking about offering Work Experience? The Bronze Standard is for you. The Bronze Standard is perfect for organisations who are thinking about offering Work Experience but require further support to ensure the experience is valuable to the young person. We have everything you need to set up a programme of Work Experience, from policy documents to staff handbooks.

11 Silver Standard Offer some Work Experience, but want to improve? You need the Silver Standard. The Silver Standard accreditation is available to organisations who are looking to improve their provision and become recognised for offering high quality Work Experience programmes. We encourage all organisations who accredit at Silver Level to see it as a step towards the top level - Gold.

12 Gold Standard Already going strong? Showcase your work with the Gold Standard. The Gold Standard accreditation showcases elite employers and learning providers who want to be recognised as offering the best quality placements. If investing in young people is at the heart of your organisation, then the Gold Standard is for you.

13 Benefits Benefit from publicity as a result of achieving a national accreditation Follow nationally accredited frameworks to ensure you are delivering comprehensive programmes Obtain free advice and guidance on developing your Work Experience programme in line with new 16-19 Study Programme requirements

14 Benefits Form sustainable links and showcase your work as employers’ purchasing power in Apprenticeships increases Provide independent evidence of quality training to public funding bodies and prime contractors Effectively manage subcontractors who deliver training on your behalf

15 Benefits Gain a quality benchmark which can be referenced in inspections such as Ofsted “Work experience will be covered by Ofsted when inspecting and reporting on Study Programmes. Inspectors will explore how well the learner has developed their employability and vocational skills and personal effectiveness (e.g. attendance, attitudes, punctuality and behaviour) in relation to their starting point whilst at work. Similarly, when inspecting teaching and learning, they (Ofsted) will explore how learners on work experience are supported, and the extent to which they are set challenging tasks at work.” (City & Guilds 14-19 Reforms, May 2015)

16 Benefits Employer Engagement The employer frameworks have been designed to overcome the real (and perceived) barriers The frameworks, together with the advice, guidance and supporting documents available through accreditation may enable more employers to offer opportunities

17 Extra(net) benefits All accredited organisations have access to the Fair Train Extranet Receive the monthly Newsletter Receive social media updates

18 Costs Fees are shown on the website and cover a period of TWO years from the date of registration NATSPEC Colleges are currently eligible for the lower rate irrespective of turnover in recognition of higher costs per student

19 Becoming Accredited Gaining or renewing accreditation of the Work Experience Quality Standard is easy - simply fill in the relevant self-assessment form online: If you have any queries email:

20 Quality Assurance Maintaining the integrity of the Standard is imperative. Fair Train conducts a random audit of around 10% of our accredited organisations. However ….. If we have any reasons for concern around an individual organisation we will invoke the audit process.

21 Quality Assurance We strive to remove barriers to encourage more organisations to offer high quality work experience, and we will support organisations to help them meet the robust framework criteria If this does not work, or an organisation is not willing to improve, we will remove the accreditation in order to maintain the standard

22 Work Experience Week Work Experience Week 2014 was the biggest and best yet. Over 500 organisations took part in activities across the country, we gained support from MPs and influential individuals, and most of all, hundreds of young people took part in Work Experience! If you want to check out last year’s celebrations you can follow the link from the website:

23 Work Experience Week 2015 Fair Train is pleased to announce that Work Experience Week this year will take place from 12th-16th October. “Work Experience Week is one of the most important events at the moment….thanks to Fair Train for making this happen” (Employment Minister – October 2014)

24 Get Involved… For ideas of how to get involved and keep up to date as plans progress go to: Keep us updated of any plans you have for Work Experience Week 2015 and send us your case studies and good news stories by email to: Share your news and pictures on social media using #WEW2015

25 Take the Pledge! Pledge your support today to receive our free pledge badge

26 Any Questions? If you have any questions or queries at any time: Visit the website: Email the team:

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