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C4EO Support for Regional Developments Gill Taylor Regional Associate 1.

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1 C4EO Support for Regional Developments Gill Taylor Regional Associate 1

2 For the Sector – From the Sector C4EO set up in response to the need to determine and share best practice in childrens services For the first time, excellence in local practice, research and data about what works are being gathered in one place. C4EO shares the evidence and offers support to build capacity Collaborative approach draws on skills and expertise across the childrens sector. Offers a range of products and Opt-in Services Free to the end user

3 Core partners C4EOs Partners Strategic partners

4 A lean, full time Centre team of 9 Staff based in Consortium Partner Organisations Theme Advisory Group Members who guide our work and themes Sector Specialists – Local Expert Practitioners recruited from Local Authorities, Childrens Trusts, PCTs and the Voluntary Sector throughout the country For the Sector, From the Sector

5 Themes Early Years Child Poverty Disability Safeguarding Vulnerable (Looked After) Children Youth Schools and Communities Families, Parents and Carers

6 C4EO Products and Services How we work and how we help the sector 1.Making Sense of the Knowledge Base 2. One Stop Shop for Data 3. Validated Local Practice 4. Tailored Support 5. Capacity Building Events

7 Why is C4EO different? C4EOs Evidence-Based Validated Practice, examined against robust criteria, approved by sector experts and shared widely at a local level. Credible examples to inspire best practice across regions and local areas. Research Knowledge Reviews - Research which has been sifted to select the most relevant evidence of what works by theme e.g. reducing 6000 documents to 32, in an easy to digest overview. Best Practice C4EO Tailored Support, delivered by expert practitioners, recruited from local Childrens Services, sharing their time, knowledge and experience to deliver current advice and support. Trusted, bespoke service, free of charge. Expert Support C4EO Data draws together the most up to date and robust data. Online tools allow organisations to measure their performance against statistical neighbours, regional and national trends. Data Lots of organisations offer support… but C4EO takes it to another level...

8 C4EO helps the Sector make a difference Access to evaluated knowledge Capacity Building Events Newsletters and access to useful info Sector Specialists & Tailored Support Examples of Effective Local Practice Progress Mapping Tools On line E- Learning Tools Local areas have a choice in which products and services will help them C4EOs Services

9 Building Capacity in the Sector: Building capacity is concerned with: increasing understanding about what works (eg. disseminating knowledge, showcasing examples) helping us to learn from practice (this is often ahead of research) developing skills (by working alongside people) promoting new ways of thinking (eg. outcome-focused or system-wide) challenging current strategies or ways of working.

10 Tailored support Help to spread knowledge of what works. Support to use some of the data and audit tools to assess performance and practice locally. Provide an external perspective to challenge local policy, processes and practice in light of the knowledge base. Help to translate C4EO outputs into an appropriate local improvement plan.

11 Facilitate the use of Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) Arrange to showcase examples of effective practice from the area. Work with key individuals who are leading local change to support them.

12 Sector Specialists Peer advisors (IDeA accredited). C4EO-trained. Invited in (voluntary engagement, no targeting). Acting as human transporters of knowledge. Catalysts for change. Working alongside others. Increasing understanding of what works and embedding this in local practice. Helping to plan for improvement.

13 Planned Products (as of May 2010) Cross-theme Health Products i. First product will group together the health related messages from the early themes (Early Years, Disability, Child Poverty and Safeguarding) for health professionals ii. A further product will group together the health related messages from the later themes (Vulnerable (Looked After) Children, Youth, Schools & Communities and Families, Parents & Carers) for health professionals.

14 The Benefits All evidence based Links research and best practice The best research and robust data Backed by real experts, from the sector Simplifies and shares Free of charge to end user Opt In Service (non-compulsory) Trusted, reliable support – delivered by accredited specialists Gathers and shares local excellence Credible and relevant to the key priorities which will improve outcomes for children

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