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National Work Experience Quality Standard Stephen Gardner CEO Fair Train.

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1 National Work Experience Quality Standard Stephen Gardner CEO Fair Train

2 Why is work experience so important Clear evidence it helps young people find work Funding moving towards employers and employment outcomes National focus on reducing youth unemployment LEP priorities for delivering solutions that lead to employment for young people

3 Why Have a Standard? QUALITY Ensures students get a good experience There was no definition of “Good Quality” OfSted evidence shows quality is very variable Creates consistency across your organisation and employers PUBLIC CONFIDENCE media criticism is causing employers to pull out of offering work experience Differentiates you as a good quality provider BUILDS LOYALTY all providers looking for good quality employers. Youth Contract, Talent match, Traineeships, Schools, LEP initiatives etc….

4 Examples of Recent Coverage Boycott Workfare: “Traineeships – re-branding, privatising and lengthening a workfare scheme” Newsnight:“Kwik Fit’s unpaid Traineeship labelled as “unsatisfactory” Twitter: “National unpaid Work Skills show 2013” – Traineeships”

5 Quality Standard and Frameworks For Training Providers and Employers Built on good practice wherever it is found Overseen by Steering Group made up of key organisations and individuals from the Sector Developmental – you can influence future development Backed by an independent Complaints Service

6 What The Frameworks Cover Confirm it is a voluntary activity Organisation –Preparing the systems to support WE Planning the Placement –Ensuring young person and employer are prepared Starting the Placement –Good induction vital The Placement Conducting Reviews End of Placement … and afterwards

7 Frameworks at Three Levels Gold, Silver, Bronze Key criteria for good quality Enable organisations at all levels to sign up now and aspire to higher levels Independent Complaints Service

8 Adopting the Standard Easy and aspirational Adopt now Self assess and record level Use and publicise Quality Standard Branding Agree aspirational level and timescale “GOLD Club” share good practice and develop Standard

9 Who Should Adopt? You Your Sub-contractors – you want to know your quality is consistent Your employers – consistency and reputation

10 Who has adopted? Oct 2013 to Feb 2014 250+ organisations Colleges, including BuryChichesterBurton and Leek SheffieldHerewardNorth Warwickshire and Hinckley DerbyHenleySouth Leicestershire LeicesterKirkleesWirral Metropolitan South TynesideTreloarCentral College Nottingham Employers including British Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Viridian Housing, Spirit Pub Company, Places for People, Age Concern, B&M, Babington, City West Housing Trust, Headway, Cheshire, MIND, Wetherby, Councils, LEPs including Lancashire, Torridge, South Tyneside, South Somerset, North Dorset, Kirklees, Doncaster, Manchester, North Bristol NHS Trust

11 Work Experience Week 13 th to 17 th October 2014 Celebrate the benefits of work experience to young people and employers with the aim of recruiting more to participate National support from Ministers, policy makers, funders, employers offering WE and providers arranging it. Get involved: –Pledge support to the aims –Organise events to promote WEW –Publish case studies showing benefits – video diaries –Work with media – good news stories


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