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Waterford Elementary 2014 Class Picture Goes in this Section.

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2 Waterford Elementary 2014 Class Picture Goes in this Section

3 I have been teaching in the early childhood grades for 26 years. 18 of those years were in Palm Beach County, FL The Last 7 have been right here in this school. I have a 29 year old daughter who lives in Chicago.

4 7:30 Students begin to arrive and wash their hands in the hallway bathrooms then go directly to the classroom. 7:50 School begins/Tardy bell 7:55 Morning Announcements

5 Date and day of the week Time to the five minutes Past, present, future Place value Money Math Facts

6 Differentiated math groups and centers. Interactive Calendar Math Fact Practice to 18 Hands on lessons integrating math and science.

7 PE:, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Art: Tuesday Library: Thursday Computer Lab: Monday Music: Thursday & Friday Search: Friday A week Guidance: Wednesday A week

8 11:10– 11:40 Lunch Lunch – $3.10 Breakfast $2.10 Cookies -.60 Ice Cream -.75 Please send money to school in an envelope labeled with your child’s name! Better yet, place it on your account. There will not be any special snacks or treats allowed in class at any time! When we have parties, there will be great care taken when planning the food items on the menu. If you pack for your child, please include the utensils.

9 Recess is a very important activity for your child each day and you must remember to dress for the weather! Tennis shoes are a must and can be kept in their backpacks if needed. We will walk three laps around the bus loop some days! (weather permitting)

10 Read to Self Read to Someone Listen to Reading Work on Writing Word Work

11 Teacher directed mini-lessons using skills that need to be taught or re-taught Brainstorming ideas Rough draft Editing Publishing Students work at their own pace.

12 Drop Everything And Read

13 Citizenship and Communities Map & Globe Skills – US and Global Famous Americans Australia Hawaii Economics

14 Investigations and experiments Plants & Animals Seasonal Changes Matter Force & Motion

15 Folders come home on Monday afternoon and are due back on Friday morning. Please read with your child every night. It is the best way to make sure your child develops a strong love for learning and knowledge of sentence structure and patterns. Math sheet should be completed with care. Word Study homework instructions are in bright orange. Students should choose 3 different tic-tac-toe activities each week. Please remember that the Word Study Quiz will be each Friday. All homework should stay in the folder and come back together Friday morning. Begins Monday, September 29th

16 I use a positive classroom management system in our classroom. The students are ‘caught’ being good and allowed to hole punch their star. After 5 punches, they can go to the coupon chart and decide which of the rewards that they would like to choose.

17 Famous American Butterfly Garden Science fair project National Education Week project

18 Please place all notes and change of dismissal forms into your child’s YELLOW folder each day. This should be kept in their backpack at all times. Email me with any questions or concerns. I will often email the class with Important dates and information. Make sure I have your email address.

19 Help with special events/activities from time to time Chaperone field trips Come in and help with students from time to time Make sure your name is on the list. Volunteer in our Classroom!

20 *Please sign up to chaperone if you can! Waterford Fair - October Washington Museum - April

21 for taking the time to attend Back to School Night! Please make sure that I have the forms that are clipped together before you leave. Hope to see you tomorrow! Please bring in supplies so that we can get them put away! I look forward to working with you and your child this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!

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