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Chapter 4 Applying for A job Cano.

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1 Chapter 4 Applying for A job Cano

2 Overview 4.1 Data Sheets and Job Applications 4.2 Writing a Resume
4.3 Contacting Employers

3 4.1 Data Sheets and Job Applications
Objectives Prepare a personal data sheet Complete a job application

4 Personal Data Sheet A personal data sheet is a summary of personal, educational, and occupational information.

5 Parts of a Personal Data Sheet
Identification Educational background Employment history References References are a list of individuals who are qualified to provide information about you to a potential employer.

6 Sample of A Personal Data Sheet

7 Job Application Form A job application form is a form used by employers to collect personal, educational, and occupational information from a job applicant.

8 Job Application (Top)

9 Job Application (Bottom)

10 Tips for Completing a Job Application Form
Read the entire form before filling it out Be as neat as possible Print even if the form does not say to Use your correct name, not a nickname Answer all questions on the form Answer all questions honestly List the specific position or job for which you are applying

11 Tips for Completing A Job Application Form (continued)
Check your spelling Write “open” in the space provided for “wages or salary expected” Provide an appropriate reason for leaving a previous job After completing the form, check it carefully before handing it in or mailing it Double check application if applying online

12 Lesson 4.2 Writing A Resume
Objective Understand the parts of a resume Writing a Resume

13 Resume A resume is a one-page description of a job seeker’s history and qualifications for employment.

14 Parts of a Resume Personal Information Career Goals
Educational background Work Experience References

15 Sample Resume

16 Write Your Resume Provide enough detail to give an employer the information needed to judge your qualifications Prepare a neat, error-free document that has a professional appearance Use attractive page design Print on good-quality paper using a good printer

17 4.3 Contacting Employers Explain four methods off contacting employers about a job Describe the two most common types of pre-employment tests

18 Four Methods of Contacting Employers
Applying in person Applying by telephone Applying in writing Applying online

19 Applying in Person Be well groomed and dressed appropriately
Introduce yourself State your interest in the job advertised Be prepared to fill out a job application form Be prepared for an interview

20 Applying Online E-Mail Online Application form
Post a resume to an online database

21 Applying in Writing Send a cover letter and resume
A cover letter is a letter of application accompanied by a resume that is sent to a potential employer. Use mail, , or fax

22 Sample Cover Letter

23 Applying By Telephone Get organized before you call
Call from a quiet place Speak clearly Give your name State your business Be courteous, friendly, and interested Write down information quickly Ask for an appointment

24 Pre-Employment Test A pre-employment test is a paper-and-pencil test or performance test administered by an employer as part of t he job application process.

25 Civil Service Test A civil service test is a type of pre-employment test administered to a job applicant seeking a government job. Intended to promote fairness in employment Applicants with the highest scores are given preference in hiring

26 Types of Pre-Employment Tests
General Ability Tests Problem-Solving Mathematics Reading Skills Performance Test Assessments Professions who have to pass performance tests Teachers Lawyers Border Patrol

27 Taking A Test Listen to the instructions Work steadily and carefully

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