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Greenhouse Employment Skills 2143 Jennifer Woods.

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1 Greenhouse Employment Skills 2143 Jennifer Woods

2 In preparation for entrance into the job market a person needs to have the proper techniques for a successful interview and to have the suitable documents for your interview.

3 Job Interview When going to a job interview an individual needs to be prepared for it by bringing the appropriate documents. They should also look and act professionally to give the best image possible.

4 What to bring When going to an interview it is important to bring the appropriate for the interviewer to review. Some of these include Letter of Application – cover letter Resume Application form (if needed)

5 How to Look To give a good impression at an interview it is important to look your best Appearance – Grooming, posture, appropriateness Dress – Should be appropriate for the job you are applying for and the type of interview

6 How to Act When presenting yourself to your interviewer you want to make sure you come across as confident and mature Presentation – Use the correct forcefulness, poise, grammar, and vocabulary Maturity – Appear positive, self-confident, consistent, and be honest

7 How to Act (cont) Response to Question – Have complete answers, answer and think quickly, use originality, and be familiar in the job area. Time used – Use the time effectively and take hint when the interviewer is finished so you do not take up more of their time than needed

8 Resume When making your resume for an interview there are a few things to take into consideration. What kind of resume you want to have, how long it should be, what it should include, and what important items you should watch for in your resume.

9 Three Types of Resumes Reverse chronological Functional Combination

10 Reverse Chronological This type of resume is a more traditional style which most employers are used to. It is effective in showing off impressive job titles or big name employers you may have worked for. It is also effective in showing professional experience in certain fields of interest

11 Reverse Chronological Some aspects of this type of resume are Lists professional experience chronologically Starts with the most recent position

12 Reverse Chronological

13 Functional This type of resume reviews professional experiences and can pass up some previous employment history. Employers are used to seeing a reverse chronological resume so there should be a good reason for using a functional resume.

14 Functional This type of resume is sometimes used in these cases An older worker – minimizes dates Career changes – states transferable work skills Recent Graduates – Those who do not have much professional experience Emphasizing skills that have not been used in work experiences

15 Functional

16 Combination The combination resume merges the reverse chronological and functional styles. It can show position, duties and responsibilities, along with accomplishments.

17 Combination A combination resume can be used when Every position you have held involved a different job description You have had internships and/or volunteer positions that are in your field of interest

18 Combination

19 How long should it be? A resume should be about one to two pages long. If a resume is longer then the interviewer will not be as interested because of the time it takes to go through it. Therefore shorter is better but still list all the important information needed.

20 What should a resume include? A resume needs to have a few basic items for it to be considered when applying for a job. Some of these may be excluded if the type of job you are applying for does not ask for that particular section.

21 Things to Include Address and Name Local and Permanent Professional goals/Objective Qualification Education Work experience Awards Personal interests References (May have them available upon request)

22 Important Resume Tips Many resumes are disregarded by companies because of a few simple mistakes that can be corrected by spell check, grammar check, and proofreading Spell everything correctly Use correct grammar Use correct punctuation

23 References Michigan FFA Association career/leadership/job_interview.shtml

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