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2.04 Identify major fashion centers, types of designers, and price market categories.

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1 2.04 Identify major fashion centers, types of designers, and price market categories.

2 Major U. S. Fashion Centers New York City, New York Los Angeles, California Atlanta, Georgia Chicago, Illinois Miami, Florida Dallas, Texas

3 New York City: Largest fashion market in the United States.

4 Los Angeles, California: Second largest fashion market in the United States.

5 Atlanta, Georgia

6 Chicago, Illinois

7 Dallas, Texas: Evening, bridal and western fashion.

8 Miami, Florida: Swimmwear

9 World Fashion Centers Paris, France Italy Great Britain

10 PARIS: World fashion leader.

11 Italy


13 Types of Fashion Designers Designer: –Creates or adapts clothing and accessories –Sells to manufacturers, retailers, clients Freelance Designer: –Independent designer who sells to manufacturers Stylist: –Designs by changing or adapting designs –Makes lower priced merchandise

14 Terms associated with Fashion Design Fashion: –Styles that are accepted and used by a particular group of people at a given time Collection: –The total merchandise in a designer’s or apparel manufacturer’s seasonal presentation, especially for high-priced garments. Line: –A collection of styles offered by a manufacturer or designer. Fashion Season: –Distinct retail selling periods in fashion marketing Garment District: –Most apparel companies are located in this area.

15 Categories of Design High Fashion: –Very latest or newest fashions Couture: –High Fashion created by designers Avant-Garde: –Most daring and wild designs Ready-to-wear: –Mass produced to standard sizes Knock-off: –Design copied from a more expensive garment Private label: –Merchandise developed for a given store –Store label

16 European Terms Alta Moda: –High fashion industry in Italy Haute Couture: –High fashion designer industry in France –Individual design / Original Garments Couturier: –Male high fashion designer Couturiere: –Female high fashion designer Pret-a-porter: –French term for ready to wear Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisenne: –French trade association for couture designers

17 Licensing A legal arrangement granting a manufacturer the exclusive right to produce and market goods that bear the name of a famous person –Examples: Nike – Air Jordan K-Mart – Martha Stewart Manufacturer pays a fee called a Royalty to use images.

18 Fashion Piracy Stealing design ideas Adidas?

19 Price Market Categories Designer (Couture): –Extremely small market, –Original, high-priced fashion custom-made for a few individuals –One of a kind. Extreme styles. Avant Garde –Luxurious, expensive fabrics –Sold through designer’s salon –Sell for thousands of dollars. (Example: $50,000 per garment) –Not necessarily sold for profit Christian Dior Yves St. Laurent Chanel Givenchy Versace

20 Price Market Categories Bridge –Almost replaced couture –Secondary Lines of well known designers –Designer Label –Most Expensive Ready to Wear –Expensive Fabrics with fine details –Sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars –Sold in upscale department stores Examples: Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus, Sak’s Armani Gucci Prada Louis Vitton Ralph Lauren

21 Price Market Categories Better –Have a firm label, not a designer name –Ready to wear – Produced in large quantities –High Quality –Reasonable prices –Sold in specialty department stores Ex: Macy’s, Marshall Field’s, Lord and Taylor DKNY CK

22 Price Market Categories Moderate –Well known, nationally advertised brands –Lesser known designers –Inspired (copied) from designer creations –Widely available and worn by many –Medium Priced merchandise –High volume sales, high price margins –Sold through department chains Ex: Abercrombie, Old Navy, Guess, Kohl’s

23 Price Market Categories Budget –Lowest Price Category –Created by stylists –Knockoffs –Mass produced with inexpensive fabrics –Sold in discount stores and low-price chains Ex: JC Penny, Sears, Target, K-Mart

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