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Fashion Design Marion County High School Jessica Kondik, Instructor.

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1 Fashion Design Marion County High School Jessica Kondik, Instructor

2 What comes to mind when you think of a fashion designer?

3 Produce designs for clothing that will be sold in a particular market. Work at different levels within the fashion industry.

4 Create garments that carry their name when sold. Very influential in establishing the looks for each season.

5 Some own their own firm Others (Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan) are publicly owned and listed on the stock exchange. Typically called fashion houses. Most are known for a special look.

6 2-4 times a year high-fashion designers turn out collections. Group of clothes designed and produced for a specific season. Generally contain 50-70 items.

7 Work for garment manufacturers that produce clothing for a particular brand or store label. Many create originals designs for the brand.

8 Type of apparel industry designer. Adapt designs created by others, usually high- fashion designers. Often called knock-offs.

9 Work independently Sell original designs or adaptions Not involved in the manufacturers business decisions.

10 Must understand: Garment construction Manufacturing process Their firms production capability Work closely with buyers

11 Designers create hundreds of styles each season, many never make it to the stores. Manufacturers and store buyers select only the styles they think will be successful. Success once depended on high prices. Todays fashions are available in all price ranges.

12 Finding Inspiration Sketching Designs Croquis: preliminary design CAD (computer aided design) Draping Selecting Fabrics and Trims Making Sample Garments

13 COUTUREREADY-TO-WEAR French word for dressmaking Designing, making, and selling of high-fashion clothing Haute couture (high class or fancy clothing) Typically are very expensive. Pret-a-porter (deluxe ready-to-wear collections) Mass produced Less expensive

14 2 times a year January for spring/summer July for fall/winter Invitation only events Goal: orders from retail buyers and private clients for garments in the show.

15 Licensing Giving legal permission to use your name to promote a product. Licensee: manufacturer who buys the rights to the name. Licensor: person or company who sells the name. Royalties Fee or percentage of the profits paid for the use of a name/design.

16 Answer the quiz questions on your own sheet of paper. Turn into cube. This is a quiz! NO TALKING!!!

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