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Successfully Balancing Academics, Travel, and Communication.

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1 Successfully Balancing Academics, Travel, and Communication

2  Sign-up to attend one of my Travel Workshops!!!! ◦ Thursday, October 3 @ 4:00pm ◦ Monday, October 7 @ 6:00pm  Both Workshops will be held in SOBA 172  BRING YOUR LAPTOP!!!!

3  Know your study habits  Think about what you want out of your Harlaxton experience  Be prepared to communicate with loved ones back home regularly  Have an idea about where you would like to travel  Think about your travel style. Structured v. Spontaneous  Know your budget and how you want to utilize the money you have

4  Set your priorities.  Figure out how much time you will need to devote to your studies. How demanding are your classes?  Utilize your resources. The Harlaxton Library, professors, and your fellow classmates are extremely helpful when you are in need of academic assistance.  Are you able to do homework while traveling away from the manor?

5  Remember the Time Difference!!!  Think about your family’s expectations. Do they want to hear from you once a week, twice a month, or do they not mind just checking your Facebook page?  How does your family want to communicate with you? Phone, email, Skype, Facebook, paper mail, postcards, etc.???  What about your friends? Do they want you to Skype or Facebook them? Do they expect postcards, too?

6  Ask your family if they want you to have an international plan while abroad  It is a good idea to travel in a group where at least one person has a working cell phone on which you can call for a taxi or any further assistance necessary  Smart phones really come in handy when you can find WiFi (which is available at the manor, coffee shops and cafes all across Europe). Good for communicating via Facebook as well as finding your way through GPS.

7  Research your cell phone company’s international calling plans. Does your current plan come with free international roaming?  AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon have reasonable rates/features.  Be smart with your phone usage. Don’t spend all your minutes talking with friends from home when you might need to call for emergencies, like a taxi when you get lost.

8 Any travel, guide, or booking apps that you can find from companies you trust. For example: App, Raileasy Train Tickets App, etc.

9  Have realistic expectations of your budget  How do you want to spend your budget? Travel (destination, transportation, lodging, food, souvenirs, etc.), groceries, nightlife?  Be financially savvy. Don’t waste money on unnecessary items or something you will not be able to take/send home, or something you don’t really need/want.

10  Sign-up to attend one of my Travel Workshops in SOBA 172!!!! ◦ Thursday, October 3 @ 4:00pm ◦ Monday, October 7 @ 6:00pm  At the TWs, I will be going over how to plan an independent travel experience, whether a weekend getaway or a day trip.  You will learn all the details that go into planning a trip, including how to book all forms of transportation, lodging, and finding fun things to do while at your destination.  The list of helpful travel websites will also be discussed in greater detail.  Can’t make either date?? Come to my office hours or set up an appointment with me and I can give you a mini TW!!


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