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Living Well on Less and Loving It Joan Sprain Family Living Agent UW-Extension-St. Croix Co.

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1 Living Well on Less and Loving It Joan Sprain Family Living Agent UW-Extension-St. Croix Co.

2 Topics we’ll talk about… Simple living principles Money values Tracking spending Money saving tips Un-shopping guide

3 Activity 1 Share a money saving tip

4 What is simple living? Living a life that is deeply satisfying, fulfilling, and appealing because it is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.

5 Simple Living is… clearing away the clutter that detracts from the true purpose of life. taking a fresh look at values & aligning time, energy & money to support important goals. Source: Sustainable Living Project, Oregon State University Extension Service

6 Principles of Simple Living Creating balance Often initiated by a wake-up call Need vs. greed Clearing away clutter Making a fresh start Living with a universal shopping list

7 Principles of Simple Living Continued… Using intuition to simplify decision making Reducing time eaters Doing what you love Pausing to enjoy

8 What simple living is not: Living in poverty Bare bones budgeting or being a miser Shunning technology Living entirely back to nature or in the backwoods

9 So how do you live more simply? 1. Assess values. (Color of Money) 2. Keep Track of spending. (worksheet) 3. Find money saving tips. 4. Use a universal shopping list

10 Step 1- Assess values Color of Money

11 Step-2- Keep track of spending

12 Step 3- Find money saving tips and ideas

13 Saving money on everything… Home Transportation Food Clothing & Personal Fun

14 Home Utilities-Use energy saving lights, shut lights of Heating & Cooling-Change furnace filter, adjust thermostat Upkeep-Barter, do simple repairs Phone-Compare cell plans, buy calling cards TV-Choose a basic plan Home furnishings-Use what you have, sell or give away what you don’t need,look for clearance items & sales.

15 Transportation Combine trips Carpool Do routine maintenance Correct tire inflation Review insurance policies Buy used

16 Food Go shopping as few times as possible Eat before shopping Shop alone Make a list & check store specials Limit eating out Buy in quantity, purchase together

17 Clothing & Personal Inventory your wardrobe, sell or give away what you no longer wear Never pay retail price Look for sales & clearance aisles Buy washable items Checkout consignment, thrift & garage sales.

18 Fun Use the library for books, videos, DVDs magazines, & newspapers Attend matinee of new movies Trade magazines & DVDs with others Look for free local activities

19 4. Use a universal shopping list: un-shopping card When shopping ask yourself… Do I really need this? Will this item bring enjoyment & beauty into my life? Will it benefit others? Will this item help me engage in life more fully?

20 Universal Shopping List:Un- shopping card Continued… Is the cost of the item worth the time it takes to earn the money to buy it? Could I buy used? Rent? Share the purchase with someone else? How will this purchase affect the environment?

21 Example 1

22 Example 2

23 Remember the 3 steps to Simple Living… 1. Identifying values. 2. Realigning spending with values. 3. Find everyday money saving ideas. 4. Use a Universal Shopping List

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