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Classroom Management & Safety Plan Chloe’ Tate KINS 3103 Dr. Graham 9/30/13.

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1 Classroom Management & Safety Plan Chloe’ Tate KINS 3103 Dr. Graham 9/30/13

2 General Classroom Rules  Middle School  Treat others the way you want to be treated  Be responsible and come to class ready to participate  High School  Respect the teacher, others, and yourself  Be prepared for class when you enter the classroom

3 Specific Classroom Rules  Middle School  Follow directions when they are given  Finish food and drinks prior to entering the classroom  High School  Keep hands and feet to yourself  Participate every day to the best of your ability

4 Rewards for Not Breaking the Rules  Middle School  One free choice day for the class  Draw prize from the box  High School  Student choice for one activity  Tokens for outstanding behavior

5 Punishment for Breaking the Rules  Middle School  Privileges taken away  Lunch detention  High School  Verbal warning  Morning or evening detention

6 Safety by Teachers  Middle School  Monitor students at all times  Use equipment that is appropriate and go over safety rules prior to use  High School  Check equipment prior to the start of class  Only allow students with proper clothing and shoes on to participate

7 Safety by Students  Middle School  Conscious of own body and what is happening in the gym  Use equipment for it’s appropriate purpose  High School  Be aware of surroundings and classmates  Only touch/use equipment after teacher has explained how to use it and has instructed students to do so

8 Equipment Policy within the Classroom  Middle School  Do not touch equipment prior to teacher’s instruction  Help place equipment in correct spot after class is over  While using equipment, be safe, respectful, and aware  High School  Students only use equipment when teacher instructs them to do so  Assist in keeping gym tidy and clean  Equal effort and responsibility with equipment duties

9 Equipment Policy for Other Teachers/Coaches  Middle School  Ask permission prior to taking equipment from the gym  Sign in/out when equipment leaves/enters gym for other purposes  All communication goes through PE teacher  High School  Communicate with PE teacher pre and post equipment borrow  Take care of equipment like it is your own  Bring equipment back in same shape you borrowed it in

10 Locker Room Policy  Middle School  Go in, get dressed, and report to gym  Only girls allowed in girls locker room, only boys in boys locker room  Keep belongings in locker and keep area clean (detention if not upheld)  High School  Arrive on time and ready to participate  Only go in assigned locker rooms  Be responsible for dressing out, keeping up with belongings, and cleaning up after yourself

11 Restroom Policy  Middle School  Students should go prior to entering the gym when they change in the locker rooms  If it’s an emergency, hall pass will be used  High School  Only allowed to leave class if it is an absolute emergency and must take hall pass with them  Go during passing period or when they change in locker rooms

12 Management Plan  Middle School and High School  Policies/Rules will be given to students on first day of class to take home and bring back signed by parents  Those will be typed up on paper and given to students  Consequences will be determined according to each situation and “Punishment for Breaking Rules” slide  Students who have good behavior will be rewarded according to “Rewards for not Breaking Rules” slide

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