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By: Ray Gomez Diego Rivera.

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1 By: Ray Gomez Diego Rivera

2 Diego Rivera Diego Rivera was born in Guanajuato, Mexico to a well to do family. He was born on December 8, 1886 and died on November 24, He was 70 years old. He was a prominent Mexican painter and the husband of Frida Kahlo.

3 The Flower Carrier (formerly The Flower Vendor)
Artist: Diego Rivera. Created: 1935. Media: Oil paint.

4 Name: Agrarian Leader Zapata.
Artist: Diego Rivera. Created: 1931. Media: fresco. This painting by Diego Rivera is about the leader Emiliano Zapata.

5 Diego Rivera had some success as a Cubist painter in Europe.
Inspired by the political ideals of the Mexican Revolution and the Russian Revolution 1917. Rivera wanted to make art that reflected the lives of the working class and native peoples of Mexico.

6 In the 1930s and '40s, Diego Rivera painted several murals in the United States.
The mural, known as "Man at the Crossroads," featured a portrait of Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Artist: Diego Rivera. Created: 1933.

7 Reflection I really liked the paintings of Diego Rivera. Also I learned about his life as a painter and where he was successful throughout his life. I also looked p about his family and I enjoyed this PowerPoint.

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