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Key Forms of Nonfiction Name _______________ Mrs. S’ class.

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1 Key Forms of Nonfiction Name _______________ Mrs. S’ class

2 Nonfiction Is writing that is about real people, places, and events Contains factual information that can be proven to be true Examples of nonfiction: biography, autobiography, informative articles, essays, interview, and functional reading

3 Biography Is a story of a person’s life told by someone else It is usually written in the third-person point of view (using pronouns such as she, he, her, and him) Person’s life that is being described is called the “subject” Get information by conducting interviews, read letters, books, and diaries

4 Autobiography Is the story of a person’s life, told by that person Are almost always written in the first- person point of view (using pronouns: I and me) Book length is usually long when it covers a large period in the writer’s life. Shorten types of autobiographies are: journals, diaries, letters, and memoirs

5 Informative Articles Provide facts about a subject Examples are: newspapers, magazine articles, and feature stories Other types of informational materials are found in textbooks, encyclopedias, and books on single subjects ( sports, car repair, and juggling….)

6 Essays A short work of nonfiction that deals with ONE subject 3 common types of essays Expository: formal style that uses formal language and explains information and ideas Personal: informal and uses conversational tones to express writer’s thoughts and feelings Persuasive: develops arguments and tries to persuade readers to adopt a viewpoint

7 Interview Is a conversation in which one person asks questions of another person to get information Question/Answer Interviewer takes notes or records conversation on audiotape or videotape or paper and pencil

8 Functional Reading Is necessary in everyday life Examples include: reading flyers, maps, food labels, recipes, lab procedures, instructional manual, or any multistep instructions.

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