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Written and Produced by Jack Murphy and Nick Jennings

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1 Written and Produced by Jack Murphy and Nick Jennings
The hundred years’ war Written and Produced by Jack Murphy and Nick Jennings

2 Western Europe 1337

3 Leading events! William, Duke of Normandy, led an invasion on England.
He defeated the English King and crowned himself the king.

4 Conflict for the Crown Edward the II, king of England, Married Isabella of France. She was the daughter of the King of France. Thus, when the two produced an heir, the child had Legitimate claims to both the Throne of England, and the Throne of France.

5 King Edward The Third Born to Edward II and Isabella, he was able to hlaim ties as both the King of England, and King of France. And that is exactly what he did. The French weren’t happy that the ruler of England, who is supposed to swear fealty to France, would try to take the French throne.

6 The Edwardian War 1337-1360 England France Kingdom of England
Low Germanic States Edward III Edward, The Black Prince Kingdom of France Kingdom of Scotland John II of France David II (Scotland)

7 Major Edwardian Victories
(1346) Battle of Crecy- Edward landed in Normandy with 10,000 men; The French attack while they were resting but the English come out victorious. (1356) Edward, the Black Prince, raids France, and captures John II, he then demands an enormous ransom for the King, and for a temporary peace.

8 The Treaty of Bretigny John's son Louis I, Duc d'Anjou, was sent to the English as a hostage on John's behalf. He escaped in 1362, and John II gave himself up instead. He died in captivity Charles V succeeded him as king of France. Charles then struck up a peace with the English.

9 Treaty of Bretigny (cont.)
The Treaty of Brétigny had made Edward renounce his claim to the French crown. At the same time it greatly expanded his territory in Aquitaine and confirmed his conquest of Calais. In reality, Edward never renounced his claim to the French crown, Charles made a point of retaking Edward's new territory as soon as he ascended to the throne.

10 Caroline War In 1369, on the pretext that Edward III had failed to observe the terms of the Treaty of Brétigny, Charles declared war once again. French Refused to be drawn into open Battle, and fought small skirmishes with the English

11 Caroline cont. In the Battle of La Rochelle in 1373, the French regained control of the English Channel in an enormous naval battle

12 Lancastrian War In 1415, the Battle of Agincourt was a huge victory for the English as, although outnumbered 3:1, they held off the French and continued their march to Calais The Siege of Orleans in occurred when Thomas de Montacute and his soldiers try to take Orleans, the largest fortified area of France; it allows Charles VII to officially take the throne

13 Joan of arc Joan of Arc unites the French and stops the siege of Orleans, but is later captured and burned to death as a witch, for wearing male clothing She was only 19 years old She is considered a Roman Catholic Saint and is a national French heroine

14 Results of the war The French hold off the England and the English is not allowed in France, except for the northern tip of Calais, which was their main port England was more hesitant to battle with France because there was a decreasing amount of national interest in the conflict; England lost a lot of money and it deeply affected their economy

15 Calais The red-highlighted region of northern France
The English could remain in this region

16 The end of the middle ages
New weapons changed the war tactics and technology changed due to the demand of war The use of the longbow changed military views from cavalry-heavy to a more passive longbow style It awakened the French National and they transitioned from a feudal monarchy to a centralized state

17 Hundred years war

18 questions 1. Which of the following was not a period of war?
The Edwardian War The Revolutionary War The Lancastrian War

19 Cont. 2. Joan of Arc was from Persia England France

20 Cont. The English were allowed to remain in this region of France
Calais Paris La Rochelle

21 Works cited

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