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100 Years’ War By Emily Prey and Colleen Rooney. Basic Info  Lasted 1337-1453  England vs. France  4 phases.

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1 100 Years’ War By Emily Prey and Colleen Rooney

2 Basic Info  Lasted 1337-1453  England vs. France  4 phases

3 Cause  Major cause: rivalry between King Philip VI of France and King Edward III of England  Charles IV, king of France, died and left no heirs to his throne.  Edward believed that he should be king of France because he was the nephew of Charles IV.  Philip believed that he should be king because he was the cousin of Charles IV.

4 King Edward III King Philip VI Charles IV

5 Before the Hundred Years’ War Started

6 Phase 1  Battle of Sluys- England won major victory at sea  Truce between two countries lasted two years  Battle of Crécy- English army defeated French army three times their size  Edward conquered Calais in 1346

7 Phase 1 (cont.)  Both England and France unable to fight over the next several years because of the Black Plague  In 1355, Edward led army across English Channel to France  Battle of Poitiers- King John II of France and his son were captured and taken to England  1360- Treaty of Bretigny- English in Aquitaine were increased and France recognized English control of Calais and Ponthieu. John II was returned

8 Phase 2  Began with the death of John II, King of France.  He was succeeded by Charles V  Charles V throughout his reign defeated England and regained control of Aquitaine  England lost at Poitiers, Poitou, and La Rochelle.  French made raids on English coastal cities

9 Phase 2 (cont.)  Charles V, Edward III, and his son Edward Prince of Wales died  A peasant revolt in England ensued and King Richard II took back his promise to help them  In 1396 the Truce of Paris was arranged for the next thirty years between Richard II and Charles VI

10 Before the

11 Phase 3  England attacked Normandy in 1415  By 1419, England had captured Harfleur and Rouen  French government signed Treaty of Troyes  Gave up control of northern France  King Henry V (English King) became heir to the French throne  King Henry VI King of England and France


13 Phase 3 (cont.)  Charles VII recognized as king in southern France  English win battles in Cravant, Verneuil, and St. James  Joan of Arc convinced the French army that they needed to defeat the English and get them off of French soil because it was God’s wish

14 Joan of Arc  1412-1431  Believed she heard the voice of God telling her to go and help king Charles VII of France claim his throne.  She is remembered as a national hero for leading the French military to several crucial victories  She was captured and found guilty of heresy by the English. She was burned at the stake in 1431 in Rouen. Charles VII did not come to her aid.

15 Phase 4  England lost control of Paris, Normandy, and Guienne  England recovered Bordeaux in 1452, but then lost it a year later  The war ended with Bordeaux falling to the French in 1453

16 Results/Impact  England’s government bankrupt  Lancastrian Dynasty disgraced  For the French, the war united the country and began the decline of feudalism

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