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The Ultimate Hawaii Destination Web Portal ! The NEW Go to Website…

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1 The Ultimate Hawaii Destination Web Portal ! The NEW Go to Website…

2 THE STORY was 50% owned by OPI and 50% owned by Stephens Media. Minimal content marketing effort invested in the web site. On Dec 4 th, 2014 OPI successfully purchased 100% of


4 Supporting Sister Media 255,000 Circulation 1.3 Million Web Visitors 38% Household Income over $100,000 San Francisco SF Examiner and SF Weekly Seattle The Sunday Herald Bellevue Reporter 40+ Publications 618,968 Circulation 2.0 Million Web Visitors 65% Household Income over $100,000 Vancouver / Victoria / Alberta Burnaby/New West Minister News Leader 80+ Publications 1.5 Million Circulation 1.84 Million Web Visitors 81% Household Income over $70,000 Hawaii TOTAL IMPACT 3,529,234 Circulation 5,590,000 Unique Users HUGE NORTH AMERICAN FOOTPRINT 22+ Publications 1.15 Million Circulation 1.5 Million Web Visitors 450,000 in-bound 63% Household Income over $100,000

5 Doing Nothing… THE POWER of the URL! Despite no marketing investment, consistently ranks among the top 5 search results for “Hawaii Travel” Current Metrics o 126,000 Unique Visitors a Month o 126,000 Membership Database which is emailed 3X per week o The Expedia Widget Grosses over $350,000 a month in Hawaii Airfare and Hotel bookings

6 CURRENT ACTIVITY 126,000 Active Community Members Consistent Banner Ad Clients Including Pleasant Holidays, Dolphin Quest, and others. SOLID Expedia Gross Revenue for Hotel and Airfare Packages To Hawaii. Ability to drive online Retail Sales. Ability to drive DIRECT Hotel Bookings for Turtle Bay Resort and others. Weekly Activity in the “Aloha Game” which will convert to an enhanced Membership Club.

7 Technology o Robust Database/Membership software o Redesign– “Experiential, Aspirational User Friendly, Content Rich and Direct booking friendly. Employees o (5) Developers o (5) Designers o Sales Force o Award-Winning Writers from the OPI family of publications THE INVESTMENT

8 SECRET SAUCE - Leveraging Hawaii’s largest team of professional Travel Writers! INTEGRATION. Published by a local team of professionals that appeal to valuable repeat Island visitors and experienced global travelers. Content created by Award-winning Hawaii travel, lifestyle & food writers who provide an unparalleled perspective on a visit whether it be deciding upon the right island(s) for a traveler’s interests, accommodations that exceed expectations or activities, shopping and dining usually only reserved for those “in the know.” Execution of a robust, fun, rewards based “Aloha Club” database marketing. Providing a DIRECT booking marketing platform for our partners. Providing tangible business RESULTS and reporting to qualified industry partners. Unique, fresh content creation…

9 Achieve over 1,000,000 unique, active Community Members. Build and maintain an “Experiential, Aspirational User Friendly, and Content rich web site. Create ROBUST DIRECT BOOKING PLATFORM for our partners. LAUNCH large advertising campaign leveraged by partnering with sister Black Press Media on the mainland. Become the GO TO Hawaii Destination Web Portal! The Future 1,000,000 Members GOALS

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