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00 Innovative Citizen-Centred Services Through Collaboration Institute for Citizen-Centred Service.

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1 00 Innovative Citizen-Centred Services Through Collaboration Institute for Citizen-Centred Service

2 “ … working with governments across Canada and around the world to improve citizen satisfaction with public sector service delivery…Canada's focus on self- examination and its relentless pursuit of user feedback have allowed it to continue to build what is clearly one of the world-leading customer-focused government programs …set[ting] the standard for the rest of the world.” - Accenture

3 2 Setting a World Class Standard In the vertical world, the Canadian public sector must find collaborative ways to work together in an innovative, responsive, seamless and cost-effective way In Canada there exists a horizontal platform for governments at all three levels to identify the service needs and priorities of citizens, and then to work together to respond to them in practical, effective ways

4 ICCS is a highly innovative public institution, formed and funded by all 3 levels government across Canada, and governed by a public sector Board of Directors First Institute in the world dedicated solely to citizen-centred service in the public sector Its focus is on citizen engagement by identifying expectations, service satisfaction, and priorities for service improvement ICCS provides the platform for the public sector in Canada to respond to this knowledge in a coordinated way, and works together to achieve cost-effective solutions, higher levels of public trust, and higher levels of citizen satisfaction with government service delivery Who Are We?

5 ICCS brings together senior government executives in a common cause, having a significant impact on information technology/e-government and service manager communities and their performance Citizen satisfaction with service delivery is steadily rising in Canada driven by the work of ICCS ICCS creates the structure for these communities to work together to meet citizens’ needs in a very focussed way ICCS is seen as a very significant contributor to Canada’s success as a world leader in citizen-centred service What Do We Do?

6 Secretariat services to senior service delivery and technology networks and Board of Directors Facilitating citizen-centred action research Developing and managing tools for measuring client satisfaction; and sharing best practices Action learning events on topics of common interest A service delivery certification program geared towards service delivery professionals Managing projects, and holds copyright for intellectual property on behalf of federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments across Canada. This makes ICCS an invaluable resource to the communities it serves, and a truly innovative model for collaboration so that the outcomes better meet the needs of Canadians Services Include: 5

7 Working with and providing support for two National Councils: Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council Public Sector Service Delivery Council The Councils consist of senior officials from all three levels of government within Canada The two National Councils have had a significant role in framing ICCS priorities and directions. Through its Board of Directors, ICCS is connected to these Councils and the jurisdictions that they represent Services to National Councils 6

8 Seeks to ensure service needs and expectations for citizens and businesses are basis for service improvement strategies Undertakes regular citizen engagement through national surveys and focus groups designed to enable comparison of service quality scores with previous iterations Produces national research reports (such as the Citizens First (CF) series, Taking Care of Business (TCOB) series and Answering the Call to establish a common perspective on the voice of the citizen Ensures outcomes better meet needs of clients and taxpayers enhancing citizen trust and confidence By funding research collaboratively, jurisdictions save significant costs; funding partners receive their own results and benchmark national results Results of the CF and TCOB series demonstrate a research-to- action approach, client satisfaction with public services is rising steadily at all levels of government in Canada Collaborative Interactive Research & Action Learning

9 ICCS events provide participants with a chance to learn or enhance their knowledge of public sector service delivery. They offer the opportunity to engage, network and develop useful connections with service delivery professionals, peers and academics throughout Canada and internationally Event themes range from current concerns, challenges or opportunities that governments face, or they could be emerging issues or trends likely to be faced with in the near future. Themes might focus on collaboration on common initiatives, technology advancements and their use in modernizing government, networked government, leadership in the service delivery world, services to citizens and businesses, etc. The ICCS uses a variety of means to hold its learning events: Webinars, Action Learning and Conferences. Anyone in the public sector service delivery field (or interested in public service delivery) can attend 8

10 A bank of questions for public managers to help them engage clients, measure the right things, and improve service to citizens based on best practices Individual managers use the CMT to construct a client satisfaction survey by selecting the questions that meet the needs of their organization CMT identifies a set of “core” questions that measure key drivers of satisfaction, based on knowledge gained through Citizens First research Tool is used by public organizations to survey customers and benchmark against best-practice organizations Tools Used: Common Measurements Tool (CMT) and Benchmarking

11 A universally applicable curriculum related to delivering and managing citizen-focused services A training program that provides Service Delivery Professionals with the tools to improve service to citizens; a professional certification that increases credibility of the Service Professional, and establishes consistent standards for Public Sector Service Delivery Benefits of certification are to build credibility for the service function/ profession; to support service personnel with a vehicle through which their work can be professionally recognized; to prepare for the “generational shift” which will leave a shortage of knowledgeable leaders and to increase quality of service delivery to citizens Service Delivery Certification & Training

12 Online publications and guides, learning events and best practice website Assists public managers in promoting excellence in citizen-centred service and excellence in e-service across Canada, and worldwide Knowledge developed through the national surveys and focus groups is communicated widely through free channels and learning events ICCS website is the “go-to” site for information and research about citizen-centred service. The website receives over 10,000 unique visitors a month from countries around the world Resource Centre for Best Practices, Publications and Learning 11

13 Joining the ICCS Community Membership in the ICCS – Members are the Purpose of Our Work The ICCS, with its citizen-centred approach to public service delivery, is uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of services: research, measurement, benchmarking, certification, action learning, collaboration between public sector and other organizations and individuals, and access to expert knowledge and resources in improving services to the public Membership has many rewards, such as being among the first to learn about citizens’ and business’ expectations with respect to public sector service delivery, learning about leading-edge public service delivery best practices, networking with experts and peers, and having access to ICCS’ world-class research studies, certifications and conferences Membership also offers significant discount in pricing when compared to acquisition of products and services on an individual (a la carte) basis 12

14 416-327-0786 Contact Us Contact: Website: Email: Telephone: 13

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