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with Conjunctive adverbs

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1 with Conjunctive adverbs
Compound sentences with Conjunctive adverbs

2 What is a conjunctive adverb?
A conjunctive adverb is an adverb that is used to connect clauses or parts of a sentence. Examples: after all in addition for example next also likewise incidentally nonetheless then as a result indeed moreover on the contrary besides furthermore in fact on the other hand meanwhile consequent in other words however otherwise finally therefore nevertheless still

3 How do i join compound sentences with conjunctive adverbs?
When you are using conjunctive adverbs to join a sentence, you must use a semicolon and a comma. The pattern for using conjunctive adverbs is: Sentence ; conjunctive adverb , sentence.

4 Examples: I want to play basketball; however, I want to swim first.
I did well on the test; after all, I studied my notes.

5 Add the semicolon and comma
I want a new phone however I also want to get new cleats. I want to play soccer however I need to go to the park. I want a costume in addition I also want candy. The ball hit the roof consequently the roof cracked.

6 Now you try! Please formulate a compound sentence using a conjunctive adverb. Remember: The pattern for using conjunctive adverbs is: Sentence; conjunctive adverb, sentence.


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