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SLIDE 1 International F-1 Student Health Insurance 2013–2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS) Administered by Academic HealthPlans (AHP)

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1 SLIDE 1 International F-1 Student Health Insurance 2013–2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS) Administered by Academic HealthPlans (AHP)

2 SLIDE 2 Health Insurance Requirement The Lone Star College System (LSCS) requires that all registered F-1 international students, with a LSCS I-20, maintain approved health insurance coverage. LSCS automatically charges international F-1 students a fee for student health insurance with Academic HealthPlans (AHP) upon registration.

3 SLIDE 3 Insurance Waiver An F-1 student may request an insurance waiver by completing the F-1 Student Health Insurance Waiver Request Form found at: F-1 Student Medical Insurance Waiver Request Form F-1 Student Medical Insurance Waiver Request Form Waiver request deadline: Fall Semester August 26, 2013

4 SLIDE 4 Insurance Waiver (con’t) Your assigned International Student Advisor (ISA) or Designated Student Official (DSO) will contact you via email to confirmation of approval or denial of your Insurance Waiver Request.

5 SLIDE 5 Maintaining Status Failure to maintain valid health insurance will result in a student being “out of status.” If you fail to maintain health insurance, you must contact your DSO/ISA and purchase insurance with Academic HealthPlans through LSCS.

6 SLIDE 6 Health Insurance Coverage Period & Premium Charges An insurance fee is charged and collected twice a year at registration. The following insurance fees are per student/per semester: Fall 08/10/2013 thru 12/31/2013 $523.00 Spring/Summer 01/01/2014 thru 08/09/2014 $818.00 Summer Only 06/01/2014 thru 08/09/2014$255.00 No pro-rated premiums No refunds except for AHP approved exceptions Temporary Coverage Period: See Handout

7 SLIDE 7 Dependent Insurance Coverage & Benefits (Optional) Dependents: Insured students may enroll dependents by completing a dependent enrollment form (available online) and submitting this directly to AHP. Benefits Include: Medical Benefits for Sickness and Injury Prescription Drugs Repatriation Coverage and Medical Evacuation 24-Hour Nurse Line & Audio Health Library Discount Card for Dental, Vision, and Prescription Optional Basic Dental Plan Coverage can be purchased directly through AHP

8 SLIDE 8 Medical & Other Coverage Benefits

9 SLIDE 9 Access to Medical Treatment U.S. healthcare system may be different from your home country. It is important to already have a physician, as things will work more smoothly, especially in an emergency situation. The cost of treatment for a doctor office visit is much less than a hospital visit. Your out of pocket costs will be affected by where you receive medical care. Always use common sense and good judgment when making your health care choices!

10 SLIDE 10. Doctor’s Office (General Practitioner/Clinic/Specialists ) Most routine visits and health issues, ongoing treatment Examples: Family Practice Internal Medicine OB/GYN Neurologist

11 SLIDE 11 These clinics can handle most minor medical situations if you have a: non life-threatening health problem that cannot wait and your physician is unavailable (such as evenings or weekends) Minor Emergency Clinic (Urgent Care Clinic)

12 SLIDE 12 This is not for routine office visits or after hours care. Normally, inpatient and outpatient hospital care is at the direction of your doctor. Inpatient or Outpatient Hospital

13 SLIDE 13 Emergency Room Care In this type of situation, it is assumed that critical emergency care is needed at a hospital. You may need to call “911”. This should only be used in emergency situations.

14 SLIDE 14 Preferred Provider Network (PPO) Largest PPO Network including National BlueAccess. Certain doctors, hospitals, and other treatment facilities contract with a PPO network, agreeing to provide services at a lower cost. Doctors are screened for quality. There is less cost to you when you receive care from a contracted healthcare provider.

15 SLIDE 15 Benefit Coverage In-Network Preferred Allowance means the amount a Preferred Provider will accept as payment in full for covered expenses. Out-of-Network Usual and Customary Charges (U&C) means the average amount charged by most providers for treatment, service, or supplies in the geographic area where the treatment, service or supply is provided. Note: The student is responsible for costs that exceed the U&C amount.

16 SLIDE 16 The following Benefit Coverage & Deductible Summary is for informational purposes only and is neither an offer of coverage nor medical advice.It contains only a partial, general description of plan benefits and programs and does not constitute a contract.Covered Expenses are subject to plan maximums, limitations, and exclusions as described in the Policy.The PPO Network Provider is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas BlueChoice® PPO Network. Plan Basics

17 SLIDE 17 Benefit Coverage & Deductibles

18 SLIDE 18 Plan Deductible The International student Health Insurance Plan has a $100 one-time deductible* per year. This $100 deductible must be paid by the student. See the following examples. Student Health Insurance Plan Deductible

19 SLIDE 19 EXAMPLE #1: Plan Deductible – First Doctor Visit * Paid by Student

20 SLIDE 20 EXAMPLE #2: Plan Deductible Second Doctor Visit

21 SLIDE 21 Prescription Benefits

22 SLIDE 22 Prescription Benefits (con’t)

23 SLIDE 23 Temporary Coverage Period Temporary Coverage Period is the period of time, approximately 30 days at the beginning of each semester, where students may experience verification of coverage delays due to the enrollment process with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS).

24 SLIDE 24 Temporary Coverage Period Health Insurance Verification Process Step 1: Contact your International Student Advisor (ISA) at Lone Star College with the following information: Legal Name as listed on your I-20; LSCS Student ID Number; U.S. address including apt. #, city, state and zip code; Gender (Male/Female); Date of Birth; Contact Telephone Number in the U.S. Country of Citizenship (Based on Passport); and If applicable: Doctor’s Name; Doctor’s Office phone; and Appointment Date/Time.

25 SLIDE 25 Temporary Coverage Period Health Insurance Verification Process Step 2: Your International Student Advisor (ISA) will contact you with your insurance ID card number once it becomes available from the insurance company. Please Note: AHP needs a minimum of 4 days to process your health insurance enrollment to produce a temporary insurance card.

26 SLIDE 26 Temporary Coverage PeriodHealth Insurance Verification Process Step 3: After receiving your insurance ID card number you may create and print your temporary Health Insurance Identification Card at:

27 SLIDE 27 Temporary Coverage Period – Prescriptions RX Benefits: Only designated pharmacies through Prime Therapeutics Network will honor the prescription “copays.” Students cannot get a temporary ID card for prescriptions, as it must be loaded first into the BCBS system. During the period student demographical information is being loaded into the BCBS system, the student may return to pharmacy within 2-3 days for credit of money spent outside the “copay” amount. Prescriptions outside the network can only be reimbursed.

28 SLIDE 28 Find what you need at

29 SLIDE 29 24/7 Nurseline

30 SLIDE 30 Identification (ID) Cards

31 SLIDE 31 Blue Access for Members (BAM)

32 SLIDE 32 Find what you need at Blue Access for Members (BAM)

33 SLIDE 33 Global Emergency Services Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Refer to brochure for complete information. All care must be arranged by Academic Emergency Services in order to be covered. IN AN EMERGENCY CALL ACE Travel Assistance Services 1-240-330-1470 (From outside the U.S.) 1-800-625-8833 (From anywhere in the U.S.) Visit for access to global threat assessments and location based intelligence. Username: aceah / Password: security

34 SLIDE 34 International F-1 Student Health Insurance 2013–2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS) Administered by Academic HealthPlans (AHP)

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