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International Student Information INTERNATIONAL STUDENT COORDINATORS: MAIN OFFICE PHONE (240) 567-5043 –Marlon Vallejo, Rockville Monday - Friday –Heidi.

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1 International Student Information INTERNATIONAL STUDENT COORDINATORS: MAIN OFFICE PHONE (240) 567-5043 –Marlon Vallejo, Rockville Monday - Friday –Heidi Russell-Kalkofen, Rockville M, Tu, Th F, Wednesdays serving the Germantown campus –Vida Bonsu, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus EMAIL: Main College/Emergency number (240) 567-5000 Webpage:

2 RULES TO KEEP F-1 STATUS Attend FULL TIME (12 billing hours) EVERY Fall and Spring term Must have at least 9 credits of ‘face to face’ or “blended” classes (NOT ‘on-line’ or DL) Make “normal progress” (keep 2.0 overall grade point average, do not repeat level more than once) Work ONLY with correct permission Keep I-20 information correct (address, sponsor) and “current” Get signatures 2 weeks BEFORE out of US travel

3 HEALTH INSURANCE Medical treatment is good but EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE in the United States. Students MUST have health insurance to cover the cost of major illnesses or injuries. International Student insurance covers special items not on US student insurance policies Average costs are $50-75 per month for an individual student and are part of the “Living Expenses” you or your sponsor promised to pay for. Find information on the International Student webpage under “Health Care” or in the Office.

4 HEALTH CARE SYSTEM You may use a “private” Doctor or a Clinic for regular medical care –Some Clinics may be in stores like CVS and may be open evenings and weekends – may be called “Urgent Care” Do NOT use a Hospital Emergency room for any non-emergency medical care (Use an Urgent Care clinic) Prescription Medicines, Vision correction and Dental work are usually separate from medical care covered by insurance IF you are ill or injured and miss classes YOU must contact our office AND your teachers

5 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Scholarships and Grants The Office of Student Financial Aid has limited institutional scholarship and grant funds for certain statuses of international students. Students need to check with their campus financial aid office regarding specific status eligibility, required forms and deadline dates. Employment Students who hold F1 and M1 Visas are eligible to apply for employment as Student Assistants, an institutionally supported on campus employment program. Students should check with their campus International Student Advisor to obtain authorization to work. International students in any other status other than F1 and M1 are not eligible for this program. Emergency Loans Small loans up to $400 can be given for the semester for emergencies. Get a referral from the International Coordinator to take to Financial Aid. Long Term Loans There are alternative loan programs that will consider international students. Students may check with their campus financial aid office to obtain brochures and/or other contact information for different alternative loan programs.

6 SOCIAL SECURITY AND TAXES A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is a tax and retirement benefit number only. –It is ONLY given to F-1 students who have a job offer. New law since 2004 –It is LEGALLY REQUIRED ONLY to pay taxes. Get a Letter from the Social Security Office (not a card or number) to show the MVA for a Driver’s License or State Identity Card Open a non-interest-bearing bank account –It is often used like a national ID number to check the “credit history” of whether a person pays their bills on time. Most International Students have no US credit history so would need to pay deposits for things like cell phones in any case F-1 students DO pay some Income TAXES if they get a job. –See instructions on the International Student Webpage and attend the First Friday Workshop in March if you must pay taxes. ALL F-1 STUDENTS MUST FILL OUT A TAX FORM 8843 EACH SPRING - EVEN IF THEY DO NOT NEED TO PAY ANY TAXES.

7 WHEN TO SEE A COORDINATOR TRAVEL Two weeks before departure Registered and paid for next semester (between terms) Get help to apply for a visa stamp TRANSFER Bring forms when new school requires them Be SURE how your credits will transfer FIRST (see Counselors) We can only release your I-20 to ONE SCHOOL TROUBLE (if we can’t help we’ll refer you) TO EXTEND AN I-20 THAT IS ENDING/COMPLETING ***ALWAYS READ EMAILS FROM OUR OFFICE FOR UPDATES AND DEADLINES

8 HOW TO SEE A COORDINATOR Visit the Office during WALK IN Hours for: Travel signatures (no visa application), questions about whether to see an Academic Counselor, application packets, transfer forms signed, other simple issues. APPOINTMENT REQUIRED for: V isa application during travel, letters of reference or any specialized letter, serious academic issues, change or problem with financial sponsorship, I-20 extension, Change of level to credit on I-20 Office Hours will be POSTED on the webpage, at the Office, and available by telephone. CALL for information and Appointments. Actual EMERGENCIES (emergency travel, personal crisis, etc) are seen as soon as possible and may be referred to other offices Student and Office Staff can help with many issues – ask them!!

9 F-1s TOP CONCERNS Full time, Part time and class problems – Counselor Ms Greene Travel and I-20 signatures – Office webpage and at Office Normal Progress, grades, academic restriction – Counselors Ms Greene Change in program: Move to Credit level, end-date of program, choosing major – Appointment with Counselors (start with Ms Greene), then Coordinators Expiring documents: passport, visa stamp, I-20 – Coordinators, (your own Embassy for the passport) Activities and support: Office of Student Life, Personal Counselors, International Student Connections group ( Life changes: new address – Registrar’s office. Family additions; spouse, child, and illness – Coordinators Leaving the College: Transfer –Counselors, new school, finally…Coordinators, Going home - Coordinators Financial assistance: Scholarships or grants - Financial Aid Office. Tuition rates – Registrar’s Office. Payment Plans – on MyMC or Cashier’s Office Work Authorization Information: First Friday workshops, Office Website, Office Staff Social Security number and driver’s license – Handouts, Office Webpage Tax Forms (required 8843) – First Friday Workshop in March, webpage,

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