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Lecturer: Miljen Matijašević G10, room 6, Tue 11:30-12:30 Session 3, 31 Mar 2014.

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1 Lecturer: Miljen Matijašević e-mail: G10, room 6, Tue 11:30-12:30 Session 3, 31 Mar 2014

2 1. Homework check 2. “Visiting the Elderly Could Save Lives” 3. Structure and Cohesion – Paragraph

3 Homework check

4 Paraphrasing and Summarising Complete exercises for Stages 2 & 3 Stage 2, ex 4 – suggested answer: The most favoured pastimes in Britain are home-based, with television being the most popular, including video, followed by listening to the radio. Stage 3, ex 4 – suggested answer: There are two main advantages of tourism (Johnson, 1971), one of which is economic, i.e. local employment, and the other is the support it provides for local services. However, there are also three major disadvantages (Walker, 1982): firstly, erosion, then traffic congestion and, thirdly, pollution from traffic and people.

5 Narrative 1. Fill the gaps in the text ‘Visiting the elderly could save lives, say campaigners’. Discuss alternative solutions. 2. Discuss the problems raised in the text in small groups.

6 + Paragraph

7 Structure and Cohesion What is the basic structure of an essay? 1. INTRODUCTION 2. DEVELOPMENT 3. CONCLUSION What should each section contain?



10 Structure and Cohesion Structure of ideas within each of these sections must be such that the train of thought is easy to follow COHESION – feature of a text in which there is a logical flow of ideas – the relationship between various ideas is clearly indicated by means of cohesive elements, i.e. Connectives

11 Structure and Cohesion Do the exercises on pp. 11 to 13

12 Paragraph How do you define a paragraph? How do you decide when to start a new paragraph? Should paragraph have a specific structure? Read the introduction Stage 3: Paragraphs, p. 13 TOPIC (KEY) SENTENCE: the sentence stating the topic of the paragraph Do exercise 2 on p. 13

13 Connecting ideas within a paragraph. Structure a short paragraph in which you will include the following arguments. Add at least two more points of your own: The user must have a personal computer. Provides access to your bank accounts. It can be done from home. Transactions are cheaper. There are some concerns about security. Online banking is very convenient. The user must be computer-literate.

14 Homework assignment Write a summary of the text ‘Visiting the Elderly Could Save Lives’ Add a paragraph of your own comments on the text.

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