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Computer Systems 2009-2010 Week 3: Social Issues Alma Whitfield.

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1 Computer Systems 2009-2010 Week 3: Social Issues Alma Whitfield

2 2 Where this lecture fits This lecture will introduce the topic of Social and Ethical issues. It will explain your Academic Report assignment on Social and Ethical Issues. Following lectures will look at resources and how best to access them for your research. 2

3 3 Information Technology and Society History demonstrates that when new inventions are introduced into a society, the society changes. The introduction of new technologies changes societies in a variety of ways: economic, social, political, ethical/religious, art. 3

4 4 How do you feel Society has changed? When did you first get a mobile phone? When did your parents get a mobile phone? Do you have access to the internet? How do you do your banking? What is your experience of Social Networks? 4

5 5 On-line Shopping What have you bought on-line? Books CDs DVDs Clothes Perfume …… 5

6 6 On-line Shopping What are the implications? How has employment been affected? How much business is done on-line instead of in shops? Which jobs have been created and which have been lost? Do you expect a business to have a web presence? 6 DataData showed that as many as eight of ten internet users who have accessed the internet in the UK visited an online retail website in May 2009

7 7 What responsibility do developers have to society? Where does the responsibility lie for protecting children on the internet? Is it the role of the developer to ensure safety? Is it for society generally to ensure safety? Should the police take sole responsibility? What about parents: do they know how to protect children on the internet? 7 One of the key benefits of the web is that it is open to all, but unfortunately this also means that those with extreme political, racist or sexual views for example, are able to spread their distorted version of the world.

8 8 Internet Banking Advantages: Shop around for best deals Accessible at customer’s convenience Disadvantages: Possible fraud How has employment changed in banking? 8 *Read more: *By 2011, there will be more than 800 million consumers using their mobile phone to pay for services, access their bank accounts and conduct transactions, all from their mobile phones

9 9 Your research task You will be producing an academic research report on an aspect of social or ethical issues within Information technology. Decide on your topic and discuss this in the seminar. You will be shown a presentation in class which will give ideas on what to research. 9

10 10 Social and Ethical Issues Academic Report Due Date: Seminar session week beginning Monday 1st November 2010 Weighting:25% Submit to:Seminar tutor Submission: Make sure your name and ID number and tutor name are on each page of your assignment. 10

11 11 Requirements Write an academic research report of 1,500 – 2,000 words on an aspect of Social and Ethical issues in relation to Information Technology. Disseminate your research findings to a group of students in your seminar class (after submission of assignment). 11

12 12 Topic for assignment Seminar next week continues discussion of Social and Ethical Issues. You will choose your assignment title from that presentation Alternatively: you may wish to research something of specific interest to you..... but you will need to check your title with your seminar tutor. 12

13 13 What will you have to help you? Presentation on Social and Ethical Issues Help from your tutor on searching for sources Seminar sessions to find suitable research materials Guidance on how to reference correctly using Harvard reference system Guidance on developing a good argument and critical analysis. 13

14 14 Resources you will use At least one of each of the following must be referenced in your report: Internet sources (peer reviewed, academic sources) Journal articles (such as found on Library database, ACM) Book – other than the course handouts 14

15 15 Presentation of report Your report will be presented in a professional, well formatted manner No GAPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling errors). Readability: Well structured and having a logical flow through the report. 15

16 16 Presentation of report Your report will have: A front sheet with title, your name and ID and your tutor’s name Remaining pages: use Header/footer for page numbers and your name and ID on each page. 16

17 17 Presentation Your report will have: a good, clear introduction which sets out what the report is about. headings and sub headings to keep you, and the reader, focused. a clear conclusion which links to the introduction 17

18 18 Features of your report Content and Argument: Explore the topic from different perspectives Analysis and Evaluation: researching around the subject will allow you to understand the issues involved. 18

19 19 Argument and discussion The academic report should be treated like an essay An essay is always an argument: a debate Define and explain the key terms of the question Identify alternative arguments/aspects of the question – discuss: analyse and evaluate them Discussion demonstrates your Knowledge and Understanding. Paragraphs: linked points which develop your argument throughout the essay Points/statements are supported by evidence Evidence: selective and relevant – quality not quantity 19

20 20 Argument and discussion Discussion leads to a logical conclusion Final judgement supported by the discussion of evidence. Connect your overall conclusion to key evidence: no new evidence is presented Refer to your introduction and/or assignment question Look to the future implications – to make conclusion different 20

21 21 Referencing and Sources You need a good number of appropriate sources, properly cited in the text and listed correctly in your reference list. 21

22 22 Next Two Weeks Looking at library resources and smart web searching 22

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