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FAQ about Spelling Homework How you can help your child in Spelling. Mrs. Milleville’s Resource Room.

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1 FAQ about Spelling Homework How you can help your child in Spelling. Mrs. Milleville’s Resource Room

2 Where can I find the spelling word list?  The spelling words for the school week are posted on Mrs. Milleville’s Online Classroom website.  Each week a study-guide is posted that includes all the spelling words.  Study-guides are listed under the week’s reading story title and unit number.  Study-guides are in your child’s Milleville Folder for the entire school year. All spelling words for the school year can be found there.

3 How do I get to Mrs. Milleville’s Online Classroom?  Go to  On the right had side of the home page, click on Online Classrooms.  Scroll down to Milleville, Joanie and click  My web page will open.  On the right hand side you will see the study- guides listed by unit.  Units last 5 weeks.  Search for the correct study-guide by the reading story title.

4 When is the spelling packet due?  The Spelling Relay Homework due on Friday or the last day of the school week. Students are to have their names on the homework spelling relay. If additional papers are needed to complete the assignment the student needs to STAPLE them to the original relay sheet.  Spelling relay homework sheets that are turned in late will have 5 points per day taken off the grade.  Students who do not turn in their spelling packets by the following Monday will stay in from recess and complete them.

5 How is the spelling packet graded?  The spelling relay homework is worth 100 points. This comes to 25 points per section. If one section is not complete then the grade is 75% D, two or more sections not completed is an F.  This is a very easy 100 point to increase the student’s spelling grade average

6 What is the phonics skill?  Each week the spelling words are based on a phonics skill or pattern.  The phonics pattern is listed on the study-guide.  The phonics pattern will be studied each week during class that relates to the spelling words.  Although some words may seem easy, it is the phonics skill and the spelling rule patterns that is the focus. Once this is understood by the student they will be able to write other related words in the future.

7 How can I help my child study?  Have your child orally spell the words to you as you drive the car, do the dishes, or other life chores.  Have your child say the word, write the word while saying each letter out loud and then say the word again. This helps put it into long term memory.  Give your child practice tests throughout the week so time can be focused on those words that are missed.

8 Why have 2 spelling tests?  The student must be able to recognize the word in text or they can’t really read it.  As adults we must be able to recognize when a word is misspelled in order to correct it.  We have to get close to the correct spelling in order for spell check to find it for us on the computer.

9 Why will my child be graded on reading the spelling word lists?  If a student can’t read a word then it will be nearly impossible for them to spell the word.  Learning to read the spelling list will increase the student’s reading vocabulary.  Student’s need to know the meanings of spelling words in order to use them in their writing and speaking.

10 When are the spelling tests?  At the beginning of each week (Monday) there will be a pretest to determine what words still need to be practiced.  In the middle of the week (Wednesday) students will read the words to a volunteer.  Usually on Thursdays there will be a recognition test, where the student choices the correct spelling of a word from 3 choices.  Usually Friday is the written spelling test.

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