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Geography of UK Vojtěch Pospíšil 4A. The British Isles.

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1 Geography of UK Vojtěch Pospíšil 4A

2 The British Isles


4 General information Name:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Area:94,060 sq mi = 243 610 km² Population:64 100 000 people Languages:English, Cornish, Irish, Scotch, Scottish Gaelic, Ulster-Irish, Welsh Currency:Pound sterling (GBP) Time zone:GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Government: Unitary Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

5 Symbols of the UK

6 Symbolic animals

7 Coat of arms God and my rightShamed be he who thinks ill of it.

8 Britania Union Jack Anthem: God Save the Queen

9 Countries of the UK England:London Scotland:Edinburgh Wales:Cardiff Northern Ireland:Belfast

10 Parts of the UK

11 Important and capital cities

12 Comparing with the size of the Czech Republic

13 Rivers in the UK

14 Lakes in the UK Lough Neagh (Ireland):381,74 km 2 Lower Lough Erne (Ir.):105,08 km 2 Loch Lomond:71,12 km 2 Loch Ness:56,64 km 2 Upper Lough Erne (Ir.):42,99 km 2

15 Loch Ness Loch Lomond

16 Highlands in the UK Grampian Mountains (Ben Nevis 1343m) North West Highlands Cambrian Mountains Southern Uplands

17 Ben Nevis Cambrian mountains

18 Other islands in the UK Isle of Man Arran Western Isles Shetland Islands Orkney Islands

19 Western isles Isle of Man

20 Cities in the UK

21 London (8.308 mil)

22 Edinburgh (495 360)

23 Cardiff (324 800)

24 Belfast (310 000)

25 Birmingham (1.074 mil)

26 Manchester (502 900)

27 Liverpool (444 500)

28 Thank you for your attention!

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