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GEOGRAPHY OF THE UK Area and population Physical geography Climate Symbols VY_32_INOVACE_14-01.

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1 GEOGRAPHY OF THE UK Area and population Physical geography Climate Symbols VY_32_INOVACE_14-01

2 United Kingdom relief location map.jpg Autor: Alexrk2, Název: United Kingdom relief location map.jpg Zdroj:

3 British Isles  2 big islands: Great Britain and Ireland  GB consists of 3 parts: England, Wales, Scotland  Ireland consists of 2 parts: Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (Eire)  GB + Northern Ireland (Ulster) = United Kingdom  + 5000 smaller islands: The Isle of Wight, the I. of Man, Anglesey, the Scilly Islands, the Hebrides, Orkneys, Shetlands, the Channel Is….  GB is a part of Commonwealth of Nations (1949) with other 53 independent countries (former colonies or dominiums – India, Pakistan, Kenya, SA, Dominica, Canada, Australia, N. Zealand…)  no political or economical advantages but cultural ties:  Commonwealth Games – every 4 years, annual meetings, promotion of human rights and world peace…  British dependencies and territories: Isle of Man, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Falkland Is., Gibraltar, Saint Helena…

4 Bermuda Autor: JGHowes, Název: BDA Bermuda.jpg Zdroj:

5 Area, population  area: 244,000 sq km, half the size of France  population: 60 mill., 1/3 formed by 8 conurbations (London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, …) England = 83% of the population  neighbours: Ireland – west, France – south/east, the North Sea – north/east, the Atlantic Ocean – south/west,the English Channel – Strait of Dover/33km (the narrowest part), the Irish Sea – St. Georges Channel and the North Ch.

6 Physical geography  Lowlands: south – east England, Ireland  Highlands: north – west Scottland, most of Wales, central England  Mountains:  the highest: Scottland: North – West Highlands, Grampians – Ben Nevis 1343m  Wales - the Cambrian Mount. – Snowdon 1085  England - the Pennines (the Backbone of Engl.), Lake District Mountains = Cumbrians, Cheviot Hills

7 Rivers, lakes  the longest rivers:  the Severn, the Thames (Engl.)  the Clyde (Scot.)  the Shannon(Irel.)…the longest on British Isles  the largest lakes:  the Lake District (L. Windermere – Engl.)  Loch Lomond and Loch Ness (Scot.)  the largest – Lough Neagh (N. Irel.)

8 Ben Nevis Autor: David Crocker, Název: Ben_Nevis.jpg Zdroj: Loch Ness Autor: Neznámý, Název: Loch_ness 001.jpg Zdroj:

9 Counties: 46 in England, 8 in Wales, 6 in N. Ireland, 12 regions and 53 districts in Scottland counties are devided into districts Languages: English = West Germanic lang. Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Gaelic in N. Irel. = Celtic languages, other lang. = Chinese, Punjabi,… Capitals: England – LondonScottland - Edinburgh Wales – CardiffNort. Ireland - Belfast

10 Cardiff Autor: Gareth James, Název: Cardiff_Bay,_Cardiff.jpg Zdroj:, g Belfast Autor: sjdunphy, Název: Looking down on City Hall Zdroj:

11 Climate  temperate, mild and humid  influenced by the Gulf Stream  changeable, mild winters (rarely drop below 10˚C, not hot summers (rarely exceed 30˚C)  small amount of sunshine, high rainfalls, fogs

12  British national flag The Union Jack - combination of crosses: 1. St. George (patron of England) - a red cross on a white field 2. St. Andrew (patron of Scottland)- a white diagonal cr. on a blue field 3. St. Patrick (patron of Ireland) - a red diagonal on a white field 4. no Welsh patron - united with England in 1535 by the king Henry VIII  British anthem God Save the Queen / God Save the King  originally a theatrical song from 1745  Currency  the pound sterling = pound, code - GBP, symbol - £, 1 pound = 100 pence  Other  lion, bulldog, statue Britannia Symbols

13 Britannia Statue Autor: Mageslayer99, Název: Britannia–Statue.jpg Zdroj: Union Jack Autor: James I of England, Název: Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Zdroj: ngdom.svg

14 Thank you for your attention. Autor DUM: Mgr. Darina Sikorová

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