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The United Kingdom of and Northern Ireland and Great Britain Klára Koudelková.

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1 The United Kingdom of and Northern Ireland and Great Britain Klára Koudelková

2 Location UK lies off the north-west coast of continental Europe Islands -Great Britain, Northern Ireland UK is surrounded by the North sea, North Atlantic ocean, Irish sea, Celtic sea and English Channel

3 Basic information Area: 250 000 km² Population: 60 400 000 people Capital city: London Currency: one pound=100 pence

4 EnglandScotlandWales GREAT BRITAIN Great Britain Northen Ireland The United Kingdom

5 Population : Currency: E nglish, Welsh, Irish, Scottish Languages: British English – official CornishIrishScottishScotsGaelic Religion: Christian ( Religion: Christian (62%)- protestants Great Britain Pound

6 Symbols UNION JACK

7 British sign England- 3 gold lions on the red field Scotland- red lion on the gold field Northern Ireland- gold harp on the blue field Unicorn- symbol of Scotland British anthem is called ´´God save the Queen“ „Bůh a mé právo“

8 England symbol is red rose patron is St. George Places of interest: London, Stonehenge, Oxford, Cambridge (university towns) William Shakespeare- *Stratford upon Avon Beatles- Liverpool

9 Wales symbols are leek and daffodil patron is St. David It is called the land of castles Places od interest: Barry( beautiful beach), Newport (cathedral), Wales isn‘t independent country, it is part of England with some autonomy

10 Scotland symbol is thistle patron is St. Andrew others symbols: pipes, kilts, Scottish whisky mountains Places of interest: St. Andrews (university) valley Glencoe, port Glasgow

11 Northern Ireland symbol is shamrock patron is St. Patrick beautiful nature Places of interest: centre of Belfast, Mussende temple

12 Political characteristic The U.K. is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. the head of the state is the Queen the head of government is the Prime Minister The Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament, which consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons

13 Geography Capital cities of the four countries: Edingburgh (Scotland) Belfast (Northern Ireland) London (England) Cardiff (Wales )

14 Highlands Highlands The highest mountain of the UK is Ben Nevis (1343 metres) the Highlands the Grampian Mountains the Cheviot Hills the Pennines the Cumbrian Mountains

15 Rivers the Severn is the longest river the Tyne the Trent the Avon the Thames The Clyde is the longest river of Scotland

16 Lakes Loch Ness (famous for the Loch Ness monster) Loch Lomond -> Scotland The largest lake in the UK is Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland (396 sq km).


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