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PT9226. 05/07/04 MCI ® Customized Net Conference Powered by Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005.

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1 PT9226. 05/07/04 MCI ® Customized Net Conference Powered by Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005

2 8/16/2015 2 Agenda Customized Net Conference Scheduling a Meeting in Live Meeting 2005 Meet Now Outlook Integration Meeting Lobby Presenting in Live Meeting 2005 Controlling the Meeting Sharing in Live Meeting 2005 Creating Special Slides: –Whiteboard, Web Tour, –Text, Polling, Snapshot Remote Desktop Sharing

3 PT9226. 05/07/04 Customized Net Powered by Microsoft ® Office® Live Meeting 2005

4 8/16/2015 4 Customized Net Conference Powered by Microsoft Office®Live Meeting 2005 Customized Net Conference powered by Microsoft Office® Live Meeting 2005 is a site created just for your company. The web address or URL will be specific to your company. For example: In order to use Customized Net Conference, you will need a login and password. You might have received your login when the Customized Net Conference site was created or if you have used the MCI Manage My Meetings or e-Scheduling tools and already have a login. If you do not have a login, you will need to have your authorization code (check with your company administrator) and register for one on

5 PT9226. 05/07/04 Scheduling a Meeting in Microsoft Office® Live Meeting 2005

6 8/16/2015 6 Live Meeting 2005 Conference Center: Login 1. Go to your URL: Example: 2. Enter your User Login/Password 3. Click Login

7 8/16/2015 7 Live Meeting 2005 Conference Center: My Home Select “Schedule Meeting” to set meeting options

8 8/16/2015 8 Live Meeting 2005: Scheduling Your Meeting Click the Schedule Meeting icon Complete the meeting form fields The fields with asterisks must be completed Then click Meeting Options

9 8/16/2015 9 Live Meeting 2005: Meeting Options Use the hyperlinks to jump to the meeting detail areas

10 8/16/2015 10 Live Meeting 2005: Meeting Options Customize meeting information –Meeting ID and key –Language (currently English or Japanese) –Meeting size –Entry control

11 8/16/2015 11 Live Meeting 2005: Meeting Options Enable or disable meeting features –Extended registration (Name, e-mail and company) –Meeting Lobby (A waiting room for early joiners) –Content Expiration (Automatically delete old content)

12 8/16/2015 12 Live Meeting 2005: Meeting Options Additional features –Select the default as to which features are available during a meeting –If the option isn’t selected here, presenters can’t enable them during a meeting –If they are selected here, presenters may disable them during a meeting.

13 8/16/2015 13 Live Meeting 2005: Meeting Options- Audioconferencing Customize your Audio preferences –Enter your Instant Meeting Audioconferencing number with the leader and participant passcode Click Set as Default to save these selections for future meetings

14 8/16/2015 14 Live Meeting 2005: Meeting Options After setting your Meeting Options, you may invite your participants by entering their e-mail addresses either in the “attendees” or the “presenters” area of Schedule Meeting.

15 8/16/2015 15 Live Meeting 2005: Invitations The presenters and the attendees will receive different links to join the meeting.

16 PT9226. 05/07/04 Meet Now In Microsoft ® Office ® Live ® Meeting 2005

17 8/16/2015 17 Live Meeting 2005: Meet Now Meet Now is a quick way to start a meeting The Meet Now link will launch your “Meet Now” meeting. This is a different “location” than when you schedule a meeting. Content left in your Meet Now meeting will remain unless deleted. Default settings are set separately for Meet Now than for scheduled meetings.

18 8/16/2015 18 Live Meeting 2005: Meet Now Set your Meet Now defaults 1. Select “Meet Now Details” 2. Select “Meet Now Options”

19 8/16/2015 19 Live Meeting 2005: Meet Now Note the “Meet Now Options” title instead of the “Meeting Options” title found on the same page for scheduled meetings. The hyperlinks at the top of the page will quickly take you to any section that needs updating. The Meet Now Options choices are the same as for scheduled calls, but you may make and save different options.

20 PT9226. 05/07/04 Outlook ® Integration with Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005

21 8/16/2015 21 Outlook® Integration: Installing the Add-Ins Visit the Downloads page. (https://e- Click on the Live Meeting Add-in pack for Microsoft® Outlook® and follow the instructions. Double-click the downloaded installation file (LMADDIN.EXE) to begin the installation, and then follow the instructions. You must set-up login information and fill in the preferences to use the integration. The Preference dialog box will now appear.

22 8/16/2015 22 Outlook® Integration: Setting Your Preferences Select the Schedule Meeting Preferences tab Add in your Instant Meeting Audioconferencing number in the format seen below. The word “Dial”, the number you would dial, the word “PIN”, the “:” and the passcode. Select the Meet Now Preferences and add in your Instant Meeting number and password there as well.

23 8/16/2015 23 Outlook® Integration: Setting Login Information From the Preference dialog box* select the Organizer Information tab. Enter your user ID, Password, and the last part of your Live Meeting Web Address, then click OK. –Ex. – Note: Since the organizer information has not yet been defined, the first time you set the Preferences a message indicates that the add-in cannot log into Live Meeting. Click “OK” to continue. Last part of your Live Meeting web address

24 8/16/2015 24 Outlook® Integration: Meet Now A Live Meeting Toolbar now appears in Outlook Click “Meet Now” An e-mail message with the Meet Now meeting information will appear. Send it to your attendees just as you would send any other e-mail. The text includes a link to the meeting as well as the meeting ID and key. After sending the e-mail, the add-in automatically launches your browser and the Live Meeting.

25 PT9226. 05/07/04 Meeting Lobby in Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005

26 8/16/2015 26 Meeting Lobby: Login What the lobby attendee sees Meeting Lobby Entry Message Custom Greeting

27 8/16/2015 27 Meeting Lobby: Attendees View Meeting Entry Message What the lobby attendee sees

28 PT9226. 05/07/04 Presenting in Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005

29 8/16/2015 29 Presenter Console Familiar Microsoft Office interface creates an intuitive interface Easy to Access annotation tools Easy navigation between documents No need to open a new window to change to a new presentation or select an annotation tool.

30 8/16/2015 30 Starting the Audioconference When using the Join Conference and/or Audio Broadcast feature, the Audio and Recording Setup window will appear.  Click Join Conference to have Live Meeting phone you (if you selected this option in Meeting Options in the scheduling or Meet Now tool.)  Click Start Broadcasting to have Live Meeting broadcast your audio presentation one-way to your audience (if you selected this option in Meeting Options) Note: The Recording area does not appear for attendees. To reopen the Audioconferencing window, if it is closed, click on the phone icon on the toolbar

31 8/16/2015 31 Starting the Audioconference

32 8/16/2015 32 Sending Out Invitations You may send out an e-mail invitation from the presenter’s console. The person will receive either the presenter’s passcode or the attendee’s passcode based the line you enter their e-mail address. You may enter a personalized message, or meeting information will automatically be sent.

33 8/16/2015 33 Sending Out Invitations A presenter will receive the e-mail below if no message is added. Meeting name An attendee would be invited to attend.

34 8/16/2015 34 Uploading Documents Presenters may upload any printable document Excel and Word are only two of the new types of documents that can be uploaded to the meeting. Great for highlighting on diagrams or documents

35 8/16/2015 35 Uploading Documents- Drag and Drop Upload documents, quickly and simply with the new “Drag and Drop” feature. Drag and Drop can be used from any location that you can select a file.

36 8/16/2015 36 Uploading a File to Present- Click and Select 1. Click 2. Browse for your file or document 3. Highlight the file or document and click “Open” 4. Live Meeting will import your file or document into the Resources Panel. Please note: you may import most printable document types, including Adobe Acrobat, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Word. Most PowerPoint slide transitions and animations are supported. You can import multiple resources into your meeting room.

37 8/16/2015 37 Selecting Your Document to Present 1. Select the document to be shown in the Resources panel (An alternate way to choose your document: Click Tools  Manage Resources from drop down menu) 2. To switch to a different resource (document), click on another one in the Resources panel 3. Click on any slide in the Thumbnail Navigation panel to begin showing your document’s content

38 8/16/2015 38 Moving Through a Presentation There are three easy ways to move through your document. 1. Click on the Up/Down arrows on the menu 2. Click on any slide in the Thumbnail Navigation panel 3. Use Keypad: Right or Down to move forward Left or Up to move backward

39 8/16/2015 39 Presenters can use the annotation tools to illustrate points during their meeting. Annotating A Presentation Annotation tools do not change the document, but do show during the meeting

40 8/16/2015 40 Annotating A Presentation Presenters have a selection of different tools Arrow Pointer (default) Red Ball Pointer Drawing tools Highlighter Stamp shapes Typing Eraser

41 8/16/2015 41 Slide-Building with PowerPoint Presenters may increase attendees interest with show slide-builds and PowerPoint animations –Animations built in PowerPoint now translate to Live Meeting

42 PT9226. 05/07/04 Controlling the Meeting in Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005

43 8/16/2015 43 Adjusting Your Viewing Area- 3 Ways Hide Console Panels (Minimized programs and thumbnails will still be across the bottom of the screen) - Click View  Hide Panels from the menu or use Ctrl + H -To return, repeat the steps View  Show Panels or Ctrl + H True Full Screen (Similar to PowerPoint slideshow- only the slide will appear on screen) Click View  Full Screen Mode, click the full-screen icon on the menu bar or use F5 –To return, right click and select Full Screen Mode from the menu that appears or use Esc.

44 8/16/2015 44 Adjusting Your Viewing Area (continued) Zoom into Documents Click View  Zoom or Click –Available when displaying documents other than PowerPoint Presentations –Can be adjusted to larger or smaller view at any time –Now see each document at its best view Note: Audience view is independent of the presenter view Every attendee may choose the view that is best for him regardless of his resolution or eyesight.

45 8/16/2015 45 Elevating an Attendee to Presenter Presenters can make an attendee a presenter during a meeting.

46 8/16/2015 46 Designating the Active Presenter The Active presenter role can be given to other presenters Keep other presenters from changing slides during a meeting. This is a great tool for “All Hands calls” or company announcements when groups of leaders are presenting to a large number of attendees.

47 8/16/2015 47 Adding Attendee Profiles Attendees can add their own profiles including pictures, e-mail address and phone number. Once entered, the attendee’s profiles can appear in all meetings or be deleted by the attendee. This is a great way for Trainers and Sales Reps to make their information available.

48 8/16/2015 48 Locking the Meeting Presenters may lock the meeting for additional security. –No new attendees may join. –New presenters may still join Prevent early joiners for your next meeting from hearing confidential information. Prevent stragglers from joining. Control who should attend your meeting

49 PT9226. 05/07/04 Sharing in Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005

50 8/16/2015 50 How to Show or Share 1.Click the Insert Sharing Slide icon (or on the menu bar click on Share-> Document with Application Sharing) 2. Choose what to share Desktop, The Sharing Frame or, Share a specific application 3. Click OK when ready Share a single application Application Sharing is a great way to collaborate on creating presentations

51 8/16/2015 51 Application Sharing – Display There are some preferences that can be changed each time you share. Or you can click “OK” and share with the defaults. On the Display tab, select the appropriate color depth for your application sharing session.

52 8/16/2015 52 Application Sharing - Control On the Control tab, elect to allow meeting participants request control during your application sharing session, by clicking the Allow requests for control checkbox.

53 8/16/2015 53 Application Sharing - Screen Resolution On the Screen Resolutions tab, view the screen resolutions of all meeting participants, select the best resolution for your application sharing session then click OK.

54 8/16/2015 54 Showing Your Application Your application or desktop will automatically be shown to your audience The Live Meeting Sidebar allows you to pause or end sharing and provides easy access to common tasks. Return to Live Meeting End App Sharing Share Control Pause Sharing Question Manager Seating Chart Attendee List Resources Sharing Options

55 8/16/2015 55 Sharing an Application: Passing Control 3. Confirm by clicking Yes Nancy 1. 2. Choose the participant and click OK 4. To take control back, click Take Control Click Share Control

56 8/16/2015 56 Using the Share Frame Sidebar Light area is visible to the audience

57 8/16/2015 57 Application Sharing – Requesting Control During Application Sharing, attendees may request control As issues come up, attendees can signal presenters their willingness to take control

58 PT9226. 05/07/04 Creating Special Slides in Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005 Whiteboard, Web Tour, Text Slide, Polling and Snapshot

59 8/16/2015 59 Creating Special Slides: Menu Bar Presenters may create special slides during their meeting. These special slides are: Whiteboard, Web Tour, Text, Polling and Snapshot. Application Sharing included on the menu bar, but is discussed separately because it includes more than just creating a slide.

60 8/16/2015 60 Whiteboard The Icon that looks like a slide with a pencil launches a whiteboard slide. Presenters may use all the annotation tools on the whiteboard. Annotation tools Whiteboard Icon

61 8/16/2015 61 Web Tour The Web Tour icon will take all attendees to the entered web site. Once there all attendees may interact with the web site. Great for getting attendees to fill out surveys or sign up for additional information.

62 8/16/2015 62 Text Slide The Text slide allows presenters to type in messages. Great for taking notes and action items during the meeting.

63 8/16/2015 63 Polling Polling allows a presenter to get feedback from attendees. Type in your questions Attendees will then vote online Feedback appears immediately

64 8/16/2015 64 Snapshot Snapshot allows presenters to capture part of a document or picture and add that into the meeting as a slide. Snapshot is great for showing just part of a document Snapshot is great for capturing intense graphics and displaying it within the meeting. Snapshot frame

65 PT9226. 05/07/04 Remote Desktop Sharing in Microsoft ® Office ® Live Meeting 2005 Great for Help Desk Applications

66 8/16/2015 66 Starting Remote Desktop Sharing Any presenter can Start Remote Desktop Sharing with any other presenter. If the other person is not a presenter, he or she can be promoted to a presenter.

67 8/16/2015 67 Starting Remote Desktop Sharing To start Remote Desktop Sharing, select it under Tools on the menu bar. Select the presenter whose desktop you want to share. They will have to accept the sharing.

68 8/16/2015 68 Questions? Thank you for reviewing Microsoft Office® Live Meeting 2005. If you have any questions you or need technical assistance, please contact us at 866-449-0701. Our E-mail address is

69 8/16/2015 69 PROPRIETARY STATEMENT This document and any attached materials are the sole property of MCI® and are not to be used by you other than to evaluate MCI’s service. This document and any attached materials are not to be disseminated, distributed, or otherwise conveyed throughout your organization to employees without a need for this information or to any third parties without the express written permission of MCI. ©2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. PlaceWare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, the Microsoft Office Logo, and PlaceWare are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation or PlaceWare, Inc. in the United States and other countries. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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