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Unit 9 Study Guide Industrialization.

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1 Unit 9 Study Guide Industrialization

2 1. Major Characteristics of the Era of Industrialism:
Sectionalism Immigration Population shift to cities Factory System Inventions Reform Movements Expansion of slavery

3 2. What is the relationship between Industrialism and Urbanization?
Industries provided employment opportunities to people instead of farming. As a result people moved into cities (urban) from rural (country)areas.

4 3. Northern industries were greatly benefited by these transportation technologies allowing people and products to move faster. 1. Railroads 2. Canals/Steamboats

5 4. A negative consequence of these transportation technologies that occurred in cities was?
Immigration, other countries did not provide economic opportunities to people like America. Industries in the North could hire immigrants at lower wages, resulting in immigrants moving into the cities. The Chinese assisted in building the railroads.

6 5. Circle One: The free enterprise economic system that developed in the US led to an increase/decrease in the dependence on foreign products? Decrease

7 6. List some effects of urbanization in America in the 1800s:
Immigrants moved into cities. Pollution from factories affected citizens. People began dividing into classes, such as upper, middle and lower class families.

8 7. How did factories get power in the 1800s?
Steam Power and water power

9 8. List some inventions that led to an increase in Industrialization in America in the 1800s:
Mechanical Reaper Cotton Gin Bessemer Steel Process Interchangeable Parts Spinning Mill Steel Plow For Timeline –see Industrial Revolution WS handout

10 9. How did the War of 1812 provide the incentive for American Industry to grow? Pg.326
The war increased American manufacturing of goods because the blockade did not allow imported products into the country

11 10. What economic policy was developed by Adam Smith that allowed people to pursue their own self-interests and kept the government from imposing regulations on business? Laissez Faire/Free Enterprise

12 11. In the years before the Civil War, the North experienced an increase in _____ population and the South experienced an increase in _____ population. North: Immigrant South: Slave

13 12. These factors contributed to the expansion of the plantation system in the South:
Invention of the cotton gin Interchangeable parts Fertile soil for planting crops

14 13. Useful transportation technology when traveling from New Orleans to Natchez on the Mississippi River would be: _________ Migrating along the Oregon Trail, one would use a ___________. Steamboat Wagon

15 14. How did the Bessemer process lead to the increase in American manufacturing?
Using steel for manufacturing and transportation--building bridges and railways. The railways, especially, impacted the US by increasing trade and making it easier to get goods to market.

16 15. Color areas of the US with highest population density darker than areas with the lower population density. Make a color coded key.

17 16. The number of factories in the Northeast increased due to these factors:
Use of steam power Improved transportation Blockade of foreign goods – War of 1812

18 17. List some innovations that improved America’s technology:
Communication Morse Code Telegraph Transportation Steamboats Railroads Canals Both Cotton gin Interchangeable parts

19 18. Free Enterprise is the economic system in which individuals can make decisions on their businesses and money with little government interference. We developed this system despite the British trying to regulate American commerce before the Revolution. The British were not successful at controlling the American economy regardless of their regulations on American production and trade restrictions. Do you think Great Britain was trying to encourage America to grow an independent economy? Why or why not? No, Great Britain knew that America relied on imports from Europe which gave Great Britain major control of the American economy. Britain wanted a favorable balance of trade with America.

20 19. How did the Erie Canal affect the American economy and way of life?
Made trade easier from the eastern US to the western US. Connected the Hudson River to Lake Erie. Helped with trading and it also made trading faster and easier. Reduced shipping costs.

21 20. If you were going to open a textile mill in New England in the early 1800s, what resources might you need. Laborers Transportation Natural Resources Investors

22 Why might an immigrant want to come to America in the 1800s?
To avoid war and famine What concerns would they have? Different language, different cultures, different people. Where would these early immigrants settle? Why? Urban areas to work in factories at lower wages.

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