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2014 GRANT MANAGEMEN T SEMINAR DISTRICT 7610. 2014 Understand how to manage a Rotary grant Learn stewardship expectations Prepare clubs to implement the.

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2 2014 Understand how to manage a Rotary grant Learn stewardship expectations Prepare clubs to implement the MOU Qualify clubs to receive grant funds PURPOSE

3 2014 Grant Management

4 2014 Terms and Conditions for TRF Grants

5 2014 Grant Management Ensures that projects Have proper financial controls Adhere to technical standards Meet the needs of beneficiaries Fulfill their objectives Safeguard funds

6 2014 More decision-making power at the club and district levels Types: global grants, district grants, packaged grants Simplified leadership structures Flexible DDF and scholarships Vocational training teams OVERVIEW OF ROTARY GRANTS

7 2014 Grant Planning

8 2014 SUCCESSFUL GRANT PROJECTS Meet community needs Are sustainable Involve a partner Have an implementation plan Maintain proper stewardship of funds

9 2014 NEEDS ASSESSMENT Base projects on communities’ needs Determine what resources your club and potential partners have Talk to the community

10 2014 CREATING A BUDGET Realistic Competitive bidding Reasonable prices Disclose conflicts of interest

11 2014 SETTING GOALS Measurable Sustainable Qualitative Quantitative Gather baseline data Determine method of measurement

12 2014 ROTARY FOUNDATION GRANTS Global grants District grants Packaged grants

13 2014 Global Grants

14 2014 Online application process Meet goals of area of focus Be sustainable Involve Rotary clubs in two districts Minimum total budget of US$30,000 Must be justified Must use $15,000 TRF match District confirms club is qualified APPLYING FOR GLOBAL GRANTS

15 2014 Areas of Focus Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development

16 2014 Sustainable Projects Giving a community the skills and Knowledge to maintain project outcomes for the long term, after grant funds have been expended.


18 2014 Application

19 2014 GLOBAL GRANT FINANCING Minimum budget for a global grant is US $30,000 Must justify & use TRF match of $15,000 DDF matched 100% with World Fund Rotarian and non-Rotarian cash contributions matched 50% with World Fund Coming next year: Add 5% to Grant budget for TRF admin costs L GRANT FINANCING

20 2014 FINANCING GUIDELINES International sponsors provide at least 30% of total sponsor funding Funds cannot be raised from beneficiaries or cooperating organizations in exchange for a grant Funds cannot come from other grants Contributions credited to donor

21 2014 CONFLICT OF INTEREST Exists when a Rotarian benefits financially or personally from a grant Benefit can be direct to a Rotarian or indirect to an associate of the Rotarian

22 2014 IMPLEMENTATION Communication Financial management plan Record keeping Following original plan

23 2014 Evaluation Assists with reporting Improves future projects Is based on goals Is ongoing Identifies successes

24 2014 District 7610 Guidance Each grant separate on-line app initiated by a club Before proceeding, call Grants Chair Andrew Wade – discuss funding options Clubs don’t submit grants Until submitted, grant is just a draft Changes, particularly funding, invalidates prior authorizations Clubs must meet reporting deadlines No deadline for application but check DDF first

25 2014 District Grants

26 2014 D7610 District Grant Single block grant On-line application – never leaves district One grant per club NTE $2,000 Clubs can partner Club must contribute 10% of grant amount Can be local or international Partnered grants Lead club submits application, reports and receives funds Supporting partners can not apply for an additional grant

27 2014 a D7610 District Grant (Cont’d) Areas of Focus desired but not required Funds typically received in Oct Communication with TRF is by district Deadlines: Application – Jun 1 Interim report – Feb 1 Final Report – May 1 Questions – District Grant Chair Carol Foley

28 2014 Scholarships Global District

29 2014 Global Scholarships al Funded by global grant – meets same criterion Areas of Focus Must justify and need TRF $15,000 match Recipient studies at foreign institution Managed in 7610 by Chair Joe Luquire Requires: Club approved application Interview by district committee D7610 has two this year – South Africa & England

30 2014 District Scholarships Funded by contingency reserve of block grant May be at local institution District policy – use for extraordinary situations Short fuse Single semester or term Vocational focus Handled by Scholarship Chair – no app deadline First this year – NVCC student pursuing nursing certificate

31 2014 Vocational Training Team

32 2014 Vocational Training Team Funded by either Global or District grant – depends on justification and need for TRF match Managed by VTT Chair Michelle Peters Common VTT – one-way team sent by the district to a foreign country to train the trainer No restrictions on team members or length of stay D7610 first – Global funded VTT to Swaziland

33 2014 Oversight and Reporting

34 2014 Stewardship is the responsible management and oversight of grant funds, including: Rotarian supervision Financial records review Oversight of funds Reporting irregularities Timely submission of reports Grant Stewardship

35 2014 Financial Management Plan Bank account for funds Distributing funds Use checks/bank cards to track funds Detailed ledger Comply with local laws

36 2014 Provide access to documents for transparency Retain for a minimum of five years Make copies DOCUMENT RETENTION

37 2014 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Reporting: Verifies grants were managed properly Provides valuable data for your club, partners, and Rotary

38 2014 GLOBAL GRANT REPORTS Timeline for reporting: Progress reports within 12 months of first payment Every 12 months through the term of the grant Final report within two months of completion

39 2014 GLOBAL GRANT REPORTS Your global grant report should include: How partners were involved Type of activity Evaluation of project goals How area of focus goals were met How funds were spent Number of beneficiaries and how they benefited

40 2014 Qualification Requirements To be eligible to receive Rotary Foundation Funds, a club must: Attend a grant management seminar Submit signed club MOU Submit a signed district MOU addendum

41 2014 TERMS OF QUALIFICATION Valid for one year Appoint a club member or committee to manage club qualification Implement and follow the club MOU Fully implement stewardship practices to prevent misuse of funds Use grant funds properly Disclose conflicts of interest Cooperate with all audits

42 2014 Questions? PDG Travis White Foundation Stewardship Chair Rotary Club of Burke

43 2014 Contacts Stewardship - PDG Travis White, ( All-Grants - Vance Zavela ( Global Grants – Andrew Wade ( District Grants - Carol Foley ( ) Scholarship – Joe Luquire ( Vocational Training Team – Michele Peters ( )

44 2014

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