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1 1 District 6970 Rotary Foundation

2 The Rotary Foundation How to Do Good with The Rotary Foundation 2

3 Rotary Foundation Fund Flow 3 Total Giving $400,000 District GrantGlobal Fund DDFWorld Fund $100,000 $200,000 Projects < $30,000Projects > $30,000 Local or international International OnlyMatch for International Projects Local DecisionTRF Decision

4 Rotary Foundation Grants Global grants District grants Packaged grants 4

5 5 Areas of Focus Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development

6 6 Successful Grant Projects Real community needs Agreed upon, measurable goals Frequent partner communication Implementation plan prior to application

7 7 Successful Grant Projects Sustainable Proper stewardship of funds Measure results Proper reporting and record keeping

8 8 Qualification Requirements Attend a grant management seminar Agree to club memorandum of understanding Submit signed MOU to district No more than three open grants of any type

9 9 District Grants / Calendar Application Date – April 30 Maximum 50% match Application Review – June 15 District Grant Spending Plan – July 15 Spending Plan Approval by TRF – July 31** Award final decisions – July 31** ** Date approximate

10 10 District Grants / Tips No duplicate project year to year Can not begin project until approved Plan your project for next year NOW Project completion by March of award year Multiple club involvement Project report and receipts How paid

11 11 District Grants / Award Process Share Committee DG, DGE, DGN DRFC District Grants Chair 3 Highest per capita giving clubs 2 highest total giving clubs Application Scoring Guide

12 12 District Grants / Scoring FactorPointsFactorPoints Areas of Focus AddressedLife of project impact None0 One year1 One3 3-5 years3 Two or more5 5+ years5 # served annuallyStrength of sustainability One1 Little0 Modest (<50)2 Moderate3 Moderate (50-250)4 Strong5 Significant (> 250)6

13 13 District Grants / Scoring # Partner Clubs Involved None0 One3 Two or more5

14 14 District Grants / Scoring FactorPointsFactorPoints $ request as % Total ProjectClub Support of Foundation 41-50%1 Low <$50 per capita APF1 31-40%2 Modest $50-$992 21-30%3 Moderate $100-$1504 <21%4 Significant >$1506 $ per total servedMeasurable impact Low $ per6 Modest2 Moderate $ per4 Moderate4 High $ per2 Significant6

15 15 Implementation Communication Focus on goal(s) Financial management plan Recordkeeping

16 16 Document Retention Document retention worksheet Financial management plan worksheet Transferring custody of a bank account and records Provide access Retain for a minimum of five years

17 17 Global Grants Humanitarian Work Vocational Training Team (VTT) Scholars Address One of Six Areas of Focus Must show local community buy in Must show sustainability!! Measurable objectives (> $30,000)

18 18 Scholar Grants Post-graduate work Can be for more than one year Must show how education will further mission of TRF within one of Focus Areas

19 19 Vocational Training Team Grants Have a mission, often skill or knowledge transfer Can have more than one Rotarian Does not require 30 days More than one trip allowed Can be linked to Humanitarian Grant

20 20 Global Grant Financing DDF matched 100% Cash contributions matched 50% DDF= District Designated Funds

21 21 Thank you

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