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1 District 7610 Rotary Foundation Seminar Grants ManagementSlide 1 Grants Management PDG Travis White District 7610 Rotary Foundation Stewardship Committee.

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1 1 District 7610 Rotary Foundation Seminar Grants ManagementSlide 1 Grants Management PDG Travis White District 7610 Rotary Foundation Stewardship Committee

2 2 Purpose Understand how to manage a Rotary Foundation grant Learn stewardship expectations –Responsible financial management –Corresponding accounting practices MOU implementation and compliance Grants ManagementSlide 2

3 3 Grant Planning and Application Not our focus in this session Global Grants –Breakout this AM –Andrew Wade, Global Grants Chair District Grants –Concurrent breakout –Joe Akkara, District Grants Chair Grants ManagementSlide 3

4 4 Grants ManagementSlide 4 Grant Management

5 5 Grants ManagementSlide 5 Ensures that projects: Have proper financial control Adhere to technical standards Meet the needs of the beneficiaries Fulfill their objectives Safeguard funds

6 6 Successful Grant Projects Meet community needs Include frequent partner communication Have implementation plan Are sustainable Maintain proper stewardship of funds Grants ManagementSlide 6

7 7 Stewardship Stewardship is the responsible management and oversight of grant funds, including: –Rotarian supervision –Financial records review –Oversight of funds –Reporting irregularities –Timely submission of reports Grants ManagementSlide 7

8 8 Qualification Requirements To be eligible to receive Rotary Foundation funds, clubs must: Attend a grant management seminar Agree to club memorandum of understanding and submit signed MOU to district Grants ManagementSlide 8

9 9 Terms of Qualification Valid for one year Club responsibility for grant funds Disclose conflicts of interest Cooperate with all audits Use grant funds properly Implement the club MOU Grants ManagementSlide 9

10 10 Oversight and Reporting Best practices for managing funds and record keeping Which documents need to be retained Reporting requirements Grants ManagementSlide 10

11 11 Responsible financial management How do we make sure grant funds are used as effectively and efficiently as possible? Using Standard Business Practices to Make informed purchasing decisions Conduct financial transactions in a transparent, traceable manner Maintain complete records of all financial activity Grants ManagementSlide 11

12 12 Financial Management Plan Bank account for funds Distributing funds Use checks/bank cards to track funds Detailed ledger Include local laws Document retention Transfer of custody Grants ManagementSlide 12

13 13 Bank account requirements Project account requirements Minimum of two Rotarian signatories Low or non-interest bearing Separate account for each grant project, clearly identified Bank statements Account activity Funds withdrawn to make direct payments Excess returned or seek approval

14 14 Use of Grant Funds: Purchases Cost-effective purchases of goods or services Bidding process or request for proposals needed to make informed purchasing decisions Vendor selection and price point clear to district/TRF staff Tip: If prices changed during the implementation stage (differ significantly from approved budget), contact your grant officer and receive approval for the change in prices or quantity

15 15 Use of Grant Funds: Payments Invoices must be received for goods/services Tip: Do not make payments until you have received an invoice Payments should be made directly to vendors Tip: If purchase has been made by another party, such as a cooperating organization, invoice must be received before payment/reimbursement is made Payments should be made by check Tip: When cash payments are necessary, use a receipt book to record the expense at local markets and ask the vendors to sign the receipt Event of misuse

16 16 Ledger of Payment Activity Ledger should include (at a minimum): Date of transaction Check number Payee Amount Purpose of transaction Signature of reviewer

17 17 Document Retention Retain for a minimum of five years Documents that should be filed systematically and cross-referenced in a ledger: –Invoices/receipts –Bank statements –Inventory list Provide access Make copies Grants ManagementSlide 17

18 18 Reporting – District Grants Status mid year Final on project completion: Narrative statement with project outcomes clearly defined. Information regarding the impact of the projects on the beneficiaries. Full description of Rotarian oversight, management and involvement in the project. Statement of income and expense (receipts/bank statements). Detailed narrative describing the implementation of the projects and how experiences gained will inform/guide the district for the next Rotary year. Should be signed by the Project Coordinator and the Club President. Grants ManagementSlide 18

19 19 Global Grant Reports: Frequency Progress reports –Within 12 months of first payment –Every 12 months through the life of the grant Final report within 2 months of completion

20 20 Global Grant Reports: Content How partners were involved Type of activity Evaluation of project goals How area of focus goals were met How funds were spent Number of beneficiaries and how they benefited

21 21 Conflict of Interest Exists when a Rotarian benefits financially or personally from a grant Benefit can be direct (the Rotarian benefits) or indirect (an associate of the Rotarian benefits)

22 22 Maintaining Qualification Follow terms of club MOU Appoint club member/committee to manage club qualification Fully implement stewardship practices to prevent misuse of funds

23 23 Contacts Stewardship -PDG Travis White, (; (703-830-0649) Grants – Vance Zavella ( Global Grants - Andrew Wade. ( District Grants - Joe Akkara ( Grants ManagementSlide 23

24 24 Grants Management Slide 24 Questions ?

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