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Grant Management Seminar 1 District 5180 Club Certification & Grant Management Seminar.

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1 Grant Management Seminar 1 District 5180 Club Certification & Grant Management Seminar

2 Grant Management Seminar District Organization District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC) Jo Ann Lemmon District Grants Subcommittee Chair (DGSC) Steve Lemmon Global Grants Chair (GGC) Beverly Brautigam District Grants Chair (DGC) Joann Hilton 2

3 Grant Management Seminar 3 WHY ARE YOU HERE? Managing Global and District Grants Stewardship expectations Implement the MOU Certify clubs to receive grant funds

4 Grant Management Seminar 4 Grant Management Ensures that projects Have proper financial control Adhere to technical standards Meet the needs of the beneficiaries Fulfill their objectives Safeguard funds

5 Grant Management Seminar 5 Successful Grant Projects Meet community needs Include frequent partner communication Have implementation plan Are sustainable Maintain proper stewardship of funds

6 Grant Management Seminar 6 Stewardship Rotarian supervision Financial records review Oversight of funds Reporting irregularities Timely submission of reports

7 Grant Management Seminar 7 Certification Requirements Attend grant management seminar Agree to club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Submit signed MOU to DGSC Steve RI and District dues are current Current reports on any open grants

8 Grant Management Seminar 8 Terms of Certification Valid for one year Club responsibility for grant funds Disclose conflicts of interest Cooperate with all audits Use grant funds properly Implement the club MOU

9 Grant Management Seminar 9 Session 1 Designing a Project

10 Grant Management Seminar 10 Learning Objectives Best practices for designing a project Developing an implementation plan Creating measurable goals

11 Grant Management Seminar 11 Successful Grant Projects Real community needs Frequent partner communication Implementation plan Sustainable Proper stewardship of funds

12 Grant Management Seminar 12 Needs Assessment Talk to the community Base project on the communitys needs Assess resources of your club and potential partners

13 Grant Management Seminar 13 Partners RI Convention Project fairs LinkedIn International meetings Rotary Showcase / Facebook

14 Grant Management Seminar 14 Project Planning Form a three-person grant committee Assign roles Implementation plan Budget Contingency plan Document retention plan

15 Grant Management Seminar 15 Creating a Budget Realistic Competitive bidding Reasonable prices Disclose conflicts of interest

16 Grant Management Seminar 16 Setting Goals Measurable Sustainable Qualitative (descriptive) Quantitative (numeric)

17 Grant Management Seminar 17 Setting Goals Gather baseline data Set goals Determine method of measurement

18 Grant Management Seminar GOALS CASE STUDY 18

19 Grant Management Seminar 19 Session 2 Applying for and Implementing a Grant

20 Grant Management Seminar 20 Learning Objectives Write a successful grant application Understand grant financing Importance of evaluation

21 Grant Management Seminar Rotary Foundation Grants Global grants District grants Packaged grants 21

22 Grant Management Seminar 22 Applying for Global Grants Two-step application process online Meet goals of Six Areas of Focus Be sustainable Involve Rotary clubs in two districts Minimum budget of US$30,000 District confirms club is qualified

23 Grant Management Seminar 23 Areas of Focus Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development

24 Grant Management Seminar 24 Sustainable Projects

25 Grant Management Seminar Global Grant Application Two Step On-Line Process Proposal Application District Certification & DDF 25

26 Grant Management Seminar 26 Global Grant Financing DDF matched 100% with World Fund Rotarian cash contributions matched 50% with World Fund Non-Rotarian cash contributions Minimum grant $15,000.00 Minimum project $30,000.00

27 Grant Management Seminar 27 Financing Guidelines Contributions raised by Rotarians Funds cannot be raised from beneficiaries in exchange for a grant Funds cannot come from other grants Contributions credited to donor DDF allocation by District

28 Grant Management Seminar 28 Implementation Communication Financial management plan Recordkeeping Following original plan

29 Grant Management Seminar 29 Evaluation Assists with reporting Improves future projects Based on goals Ongoing process Identifies successes

30 Grant Management Seminar Sustainability Case Study 30

31 Grant Management Seminar 31 Session 3 Oversight and Reporting

32 Grant Management Seminar 32 Learning Objectives Best practices for managing funds Document retention Reporting requirements

33 Grant Management Seminar 33 Financial Management Plan Bank account for funds Distributing funds Use checks/bank cards to track funds Detailed ledger Include local laws

34 Grant Management Seminar 34 Resources Document retention worksheet Financial management plan worksheet Transferring custody of a bank account More on

35 Grant Management Seminar 35 Document Retention Provide access Retain for a minimum of five years Make copies Electronic

36 Grant Management Seminar 36 Global Grant Reports: Frequency Progress reports Within 12 months of first payment Every 12 months through the life of the grant Final report within 2 months of completion

37 Grant Management Seminar 37 Global Grant Reports: Content How partners were involved Type of activity Evaluation of project goals How area of focus goals were met How funds were spent Number of beneficiaries and how they benefited

38 Grant Management Seminar 38 Conflict of Interest Exists when a Rotarian benefits financially or personally from a grant Benefit can be direct (the Rotarian benefits) or indirect (an associate of the Rotarian benefits)

39 Grant Management Seminar Conflicts of Interest Case Study 39

40 Grant Management Seminar District Grants Local projects Min grant $500 max grant $3000 15% funding reserved for scholarships Club matches grant funding Reimbursement on approved report and receipts 40

41 Grant Management Seminar District Grant Timeline 11/01/12 Application on District website 4/30/13 Application due to DGC 5/01/13 District submits to TRF 6/01/13 TRF approval anticipated 7/01/13 Approved projects start 04/30/14 Final report and receipts due 41

42 Grant Management Seminar 42 Session 4 Certification

43 Grant Management Seminar 43 Learning Objectives Understand certification requirements Manage your clubs certification

44 Grant Management Seminar 44 Certification Requirements Attend a grant management seminar Submit signed club MOU to DGSC Steve RI & District Dues are current Current reporting on all open grants

45 Grant Management Seminar 45 Maintaining certification Follow terms of club MOU Appoint club member/committee to manage club certification Fully implement stewardship practices to prevent misuse of funds Re-certify each year

46 Grant Management Seminar 46 Thanks for all you do!! Please complete evaluation

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